Anyone need some inventory?

Guinness World Record collection of over 17,000 items. Opening bid is £150,000.

I find it baffling this wasn’t split in to lots.


There is so much to comment on


They teased the auction about a month ago and it kept getting delayed. It’s been on my mind ever since.

“The highlights of the collection include three German 1st Edition sealed base set packs, three English Unlimited sealed base set packs, four Team Rocket Unlimited sealed booster packs, three Jungle Unlimited sealed booster packs, one Spanish 1st Edition Jungle sealed booster pack; a Shadowless Base Set Blastoise card; Jumbo Lottery Ho-Oh plush, one of 100 ever made”


This seems like one of those cases where it’s a whole lot of quantity and not a lot of quality. Not seeing a whole lot of great individual items in this auction.


Also the choice of auction house might seem super random/meme-worthy, but if you want to be cynical you could say they just knew this would never fly with Heritage/anyone serious about Pokemon.

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If this were my collection I’d be happy with $3k & buyer collects


If this receives a starting bid I’m getting on the first plane to the Guinness headquarters.


Just an FYI, the auctioneer Charles Hanson, is a legend in UK antiques.

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Seems like they’re collecting individual cards as ‘individual items’. Theres plenty of collector here who would have much larger collections by ‘individual items’ if they actually counted their bulk lol


One of my favs for sure. Hes great.

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If you or anyone you know is planning to submit a bid, please contact me. I have a $100,000 mystery box to sell you. (30,000 items guaranteed)

Also, it’s kind of sad to see an entire collection like this up for sale. Clearly someone put a lot of care into acquiring all these things.

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Unfortunately I forgot about this and missed the live auction (if there was one to watch). The lot was passed, either no bidders or it didn’t meet the reserve.

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The whole “guinness world record” thing was clearly a ploy to try to unload someone’s frankly undesirable collection at a steep markup. I’m glad it didn’t sell.


Maybe read this first…

“however, due to the nature of the size of the collection, a full photographic inventory is not available”

Yes I’ll just bid 150k without knowing what’s included, that’s logical.

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Shes well known over here theres tonnes of articles and pics of the collection and as every item had to be documented for the world record i expect the auction house had it for those actually interested.

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“Most items are not worth the time it takes to photograph them”


That’s probably telling then :grimacing: