Any Transformer collectors?

I have this Revenge Of The Fallen Skywarp, Mint.Just wondered what you guys think of it, got it very cheap not even really into it just stumbled upon it couldn’t really turn the deal down …I see other ones like this go for around 40-50 no idea actual value though
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Yeah I collect old-school transformer cards, but they are getting too pricy now-days; and so hard to find in good condition because they were waxed based from the 80s. The G1 and G2 card sets.

As far as toys goes, I think the one you got is mega sweet.
But i’m not sure on values for the toys, just have to be careful of counterfeits >.<

yea I know what you mean, I had a look and can’t seem to find this too many places lol

I only collect the movie Leader and Human Alliance figures. I hope they continue the Human Alliance line for the upcoming movie because they have some really sexy cars!