Any idea where this came from? CoroCoro Pikachus

Hey, recently this picture of the Unpeeled CoroCoro Flying Pikachu was in the blog that revealed there were 20 Illustrator copies. I have the CoroCoro Flying Pikachu and Surfing Pikachu on the same sheet: Front Back. Does anyone know if mine came from the CoroCoro magazine or somewhere else? Any knowledge is appreciated.


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That’s a very unusual two-card set! The Flying and Surfing Pikachu Corocoro cards were released about a year apart.

It’s possible that what you have is a printer’s proof. Could you explain how you obtained it? Maybe that could help us establish provenance.

Fascinating, to say the least!

Hey, I bought it a few years ago in a YJ! auction.

I also bought a similar CoroCoro Unpeeled Vending sheet from the same seller (Front / Back). I known the three Vending promos were released together, but I have seen another type of peel sheet that these cards come from.


That’s really cool, nice catch!

Wow! I’ve never seen anything like those before. They could be counterfeit, but I doubt it. My guess is that these are indeed printer proofs.

Thanks Japanime, I think I’ll hold onto them until I found out more. Hopefully they are unique!

Also, this a reference picture of what I think the Unpeeled CoroCoro Vending promos should look like (Jimmy sold these a long time ago): Back