Another New Month. (August) - What's on your purchase radar?

With the new month before us, what’s on your purchase radar this month?

Champion ETB preorders, Darkness ablaze release (aug 13), legacy heartbeat (JPN), ultra prizm (reprint) or working on some other goals (Wotc, modern, or Trophy cards, steam siege packs)?

Gold star pikachu psa 9 and probably some shining legends 10s or else some rayquaza 10s

After spending a few thousand last month, this month I hope I can spend almost nothing lol. Need to let that bank account recover a bit :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll probably just keep a look out for the missing pokepark forest cards I need and some other Japanese singles like light Arcanine to keep costs low.


@sherotgc, Solid

@panama, good luck with that. If it seems like you’re spending more money every month on pokemon cards, might as well finish the year off strong. Month 8 has begun .

Getting a sealed wotc box!


Nothing crazy but I want to get a PSA 9 aquapolis holo Blissey and tyranitar. Those were my two favorite cards I had as a kid!


Champions ETB preorders has been my first purchase for August.

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I’m just about wrapping up the 4 main 1st base set format decks. Next I’d like to collect moderate play 1st base complete sets.
Each is worth roughly $8000 with half of the value coming from Charizard.


Another month, another load of wotc holos until I die or actually finish these sets


Same thing as always for me:

  • Unlimited World Champions Pack Pichu in any condition;
  • Any PSA 10 Pichu I don’t already have.

Working on my shining and celebi collection.


Trying to finish off my base set holo binder! It goes:

1st edition (HP/damaged) → shadowless (MP/LP) → unlimited (NM)

I have all the unlimited holos. I just acquired the shadowless charizard and now only need Zam and Zap to complete the shadowless! I have maybe two or three first editions lol.



and to get my cards back from psa, but lets be honest it will probably be easier to get a sealed wotc box


Been keeping my eyes out for Unlimited Gyarados from Rage of the Broken Heavens set including Gyarados Spirit Link, but finding them in Unlimited has been difficult to catch. Only listings I’ve ever seen has been on Yahoo Japan. August is going to run tight finance wise so unless they pop out with a great deal, I’m likely not going to get them in August.


I have been trying to do a PSA sub every month so i guess that is on my radar, probably mid to late month. Also hoping to pick up some miscellaneous pikachu cards which i need for my pikachu master set. Hmmm also might cruise buyee for some of my favourite items to find

same thing we do every month pinky…collect them all…>.< in all honesty i just bought a case of darkness ablaze, and will probably save money for champion’s path etb and whatever singles from that set…but the etb is the most bang for the buck price per pack wise.


I need to grab a darkness ablaze etb as well. This month I’ll be buying some newer modern (DA) this month, legacy hb (JP, maybe), and some psa slabs for wotc (if the prices don’t move too fast)

  • PSA 10/9 Unlimited WOTC holos…started off strong with purchasing a PSA 10 Lt Surges Fearow
  • Darkness Ablaze holos…Suicune, Tyranitar, Blaziken, Darkrai, and Aggron mostly. The others are nice as well though.
  • Foreign WOTC holos post base set
  • PSA subs to return(doubtful lol)
  • Continue to purchase copies of cards of my favorite Pokemon
  • mint EX-era reverse holos to finish my binder sets
  • select PSA 10 WOTC and EX-era cards (cards that have emerged as my favorites from binder collecting)
  • other random upgrades to my binder sets

Doesn’t sound like a lot but I have about 100 ebay saved searches active right now


Found someone with very close to complete sets from Base 1st-Skyridge of 1st and Unlimited. Will undoubtedly be the most ive ever spent on an acquisition. Charizard 1st looks like a strong 9, OC though. Very excited if i can get this deal to the finish line.