And so The Greatest Pokemon Youtube CHannel has Started...


shake my head.
Had a bit of a giggle though.

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I’m gonna do something different, but not gonna be using that voice. I wont be using my normal voice though, ill be using scifi robot voice low pitch. My voice is too flat and retarded, so the robot voice will be the permy solution.

so is that you and your sis opening up packs?? It sounds like you guys are like 6 years old!! Keep that voice and humour!

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Nice Gloves your sister had. Didnt seem to fit her hands

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haha that was awesome man! Me and my sister are collecting bros too keep them coming!

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Yeah it me and her lol.

Yeah those gloves are freakin huge ass ones for me.

I would like too keep making stuff, but Im not sure what to do just yet that is different. For now, I might just show stuff that I get in the mail and PSA Returns/ some booster box openings.

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What in the world was all that?


What you just witness was a master piece of creativity and also a breakthrough in science… Literally breakthrough. I plan on doing things a bit differently if I ever get around to it or if some crazy idea pops up. Mark my words a 1st edition shadowless booster box opening will be uploaded on this channel one day Hyuk-hyuk-hyk!

To answer your question though… In the video My sister was talking about the PLacebo effect, and that Its impossible for me to tell which pack is heavier, and So I disagreed and grabbed the heaviest pack out of the bunch I had there ready, and Yeah I was right because I pulled the Break card even though technically i wasnt right if that makes sense. I decided to only upload that video because it was the most amusing when I played it back, and it was quite a heated discussion whilst we were opening those 2 boxes, and it was pretty funny that I pulled the break card when she was ramming that theory down my throat.

Placebo effect = believing in something that’s not true because you’re told it’s true.

Confirmation Bias = believing in something because you search for positive results while dismissing the negative results.

Im still pretty sure I can tell though. My sister is on her 6th year for studying psychology, but Im pretty sure my brain works better.

Sorry to be that guy, but…no

Placebo effect: a beneficial effect produced by a fake drug or treatment, that cannot be attributed to the properties of the placebo itself, and must therefore be due to the patient’s belief in that treatment.

Confirmation bias: a tendency to search for or interpret information in a way that confirms one’s preconceptions

Yeah the Big guys who run the PHARMA CORPS are really nice people.

This thread is like an alternate universe with everything from mindless drivel to fingernails on a chalk board.

You’re right, I missed on the Placebo effect being for medical/health benefits in my definition.

I’m sorry no disrespect, this thread is a joke. Everyones thinking it, I just said it first.

You’re a legend and a maverick syndicate, don’t ever change.


Actually Gary said it first. Sooooo…