An eBay question

Hi everyone,

After a few years of not collecting, and selling off the vast majority of my collection, I’m in a place where I can start collecting again. While buying a few collection staples I started looking for a few of the semi-rare cards I had, and a few new ones. While looking for some Japanese Mew EX cards, as well as a few other Japanese cards, I noticed that a large majority of the sellers, in some cases the ONLY sellers, were located in either Japan or Malaysia. The people had good feedback and ratings, most 99.8% - 100% positive.

I purchased a full art Shiny Collection Mew EX, and a 1st Edition Charizard*(something that I regret selling from my collection). And one is coming from Malaysia, the other Japan. So I am just somewhat sketched out that the only ones up for sale of these cards are coming from those places, does anyone have experience dealing with any of the vendors?(Won’t give specific names, don’t think it’s appropriate), do you think it may be likely that it is fake cards that are being sold? I am just trying to be as careful with spending my money as possible, because I would definitely rather buy real cards(of course). Thanks for any input, I really would appreciate it :blush:. I REALLY want that Mew EX lol.

They also have 270 and 1500+ 100% positive feedback, which is definitely a good sign, but Pokemon cards are not the only items that they carry.

EDIT - I don’t know why I’m so worried, the feedback is great, I just keep thinking to when I bought a Lugia and Ho-Oh lottery promo set and never received it(still to this day searching for those cards, want more than anything lol)

Are you buying Japanese cards? If so, you can feel safe that they are real. English cards are really the only things faked. Japanese cards were faked, but that was in the earlier years of Pokemon.

If you are worried about being scammed, you can trust Japanese sellers a majority of the time. I know it is a big point of controversy to point out whole countries, but China and South Asia/Indonesia tend to be wear most of the fake cards and scams come from. However, not everyone from these countries is a scammer, and scams do come out of other countries as well.

Yes, I recently purchased the following from Malaysia, and the experience was both quick and on target for quality, in mint condition.
With the ebay buyer protection plan in place through paypal, you can usually buy with a fair bit of confidence these days.

This is my first post here. I hope I can contribute more as time goes by.

I was once “conned” buying from philippines, it was a 1st edition neo genesis box. The seller had a few 1st edition boxes up, all finishing on the same day, a few days later he had a ton of bad feedback. I got the money back no problem, i just didn’t like the feeling of uncertainty as it was the first time this had happened to me.

I have purchased a couple of things from japan, a japanese base booster box, a few single cards, and a few japanese decks and never once had a problem.

I’d agree with Daelum, that buying from Japan is pretty safe… at least in my experiences.