amiami shipping time to uk?

Hi all, I got a conformation email that my order of like 4 boxes would be shipped out today, does anyone know when I should expect it to arrive roughly to the UK?

All depends on which shipping service you used.

Anything over ÂŁ15 value will have customs added so expect a few days to a couple week before you get it as its all up to the custom department and parcelforce how quickly they can get it processed.

Like @fourthstartcg said - it all depends on which service you used. If you used SAL then may take 1 to even 5 weeks. If you used Air Small Packet option then it should take up to 2 weeks (usually up to 7 days, once I got package within just 3 days when I used this service).

This is how long it takes to deliver package from AmiAmi to Poland, I guess it’s similar to shipping time to UK.

So, as the above comment stated, anywhere from 3 days to 5 weeks. If you got tracking at least you’ll have some idea on its progress…

Be thankful you don’t live in the US. I am pretty sure the USPS ISC New York has a whole room with my packages from Japan that they just couldn’t be bothered to deliver.

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At least you don’t have to pay customs! 8D Am I right?

I think that if I paid customs, I wouldn’t be much off of what I lose in packages that our customs office damages, misplaces, etc.

It is via ems, is this faster than the other methods?

EMS is the fastest that AmiAmi provide IIRC. The only thing I know of that is faster is FedEx Express. AmiAmi usually takes 4-5 days from Japan to Australia. So I can’t see it taking longer than that to the UK provided customs are alright.

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Do they mark things as the proper value? I haven’t had to actually pay any kind of customs charges yet so im not sure how much its gonna be but I know it’s possible to get away with because of the weight being so low.

Yes, they do always mark things as the proper value. I only had to pay custom fees once, when my package’s value was over 10,000 yen (I’m not sure how it works in UK though). From that moment on I make small orders only so I don’t have to pay customs (and I almost always choose SAL service).

Oh and the value they mark on the package is always value of items you ordered + shipping cost and if you have to pay fees you have to pay for the whole thing - not only for the cost of the items.

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I’ve heard of several instances of people in the UK having their AmiAmi orders being held in customs for up to a week. I couldn’t imagine the agony.

Mine was ¥10400 after shipping :slightly_frowning_face: we will see, hopefully won’t have to pay too much more to get them haha. Thought it was 4 boxes but turns out I only ordered 3 :confused: