AmiAmi (no)problem UPDATED

Hi guys,

I’ve got big problem and I really don’t know what to do, maybe you can help me.

In November I purchased couple of things from AmiAmi. They were sent in three packages (not big packages, these were just booster box + sleeves etc in each package).

Packages were sent on:
4th November (38 days ago)
19th November (23 days ago, still got hope)
21th November (21 days ago, there’s hope as well)
by SAL service.

It’s already half of December and I didn’t received EVEN ONE OF THEM. I know it’s already pre Holidays time and post offices got a lot to do but… come on. I placed my orders before that time.
I ordered a lot of things in November/December from other places and they all arrived safely (including packages from Japan in similiar size, SAL as well).

So it’s really weird to me that all three packages doesn’t arrived yet…

I’ve never had any problems with SAL and now something like this happend to me :slightly_frowning_face:

Stuff I ordered was worth about 10 000 yen, it’s about 100$. It’s a lot of money (at least here in Poland, lol)

I would write to AmiAmi but I heard that they don’t really have the greatest customer service and also - if I will claim a case on PayPal they may block me…

Just fyi - all new orders I made will be send by Air Packet…
I never had problems like that, only once package from USA doesn’t arrived but it was sent on 20th of December last year…

And if you’re curious why I’m making few orders instead of one big one - CUSTOMS FEES.

Anyone had problem like this one? u_u And doesn’t it seems weird to you? I mean… all three packages :confused:

Let me know if it’s like I got two choices?

  1. I will got my money back from PayPal but I coulnd’t order from AmiAmi anymore.
  2. I wouldn’t get my money but I will be able to buy things from them in the future?
    lol …

(very sad) Jakub

It isn’t likely three packages go missing by chance.

Did you give them the correct address? Is everything OK with the rest of your mail? If so, there may be something wrong on their end.

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I always ship via EMS. It takes 3-4 days and you get a tracking number as well. SAL can take quite a long time, I’ve had packages that have taken over a month to arrive via SAL. Nonetheless, it’s still a worrying amount of time. I’d sit tight and if nothing happens shoot them an email.


Yes, I gave them correct address (I even checked it minute ago to be sure).

And as I wrote in previous post - all other letters and packages from overseas arrived to me safely, today I even got package from China - shipping took just 8 days by regular economy mail… I order a lot of things from Ebay etc., I’ve got trusted postman, my friend works at my post office so I really don’t know what could gone wrong, really.

I guess I’ll just wait till the end of next week and then… I DON’T KNOW B-|

I’ll bet by the end of the month all your packages will have arrived and you’ll be sorry you lost sleep (figuratively) over this;)
Hang in there…

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I heard about that but I never had problems with lost packages, really (only once).

I ordered from AmiAmi 4-5 times before and there were no problems even with bigger orders (sal as well), shipping takes about 2-4 weeks.

The thing that annoys me the most is the fact that if someone really stole it (but it’s still weird too me that only three packages from AmiAmi are missing) then he/she will just throw it away …

Since it is the Holiday season and what not, you should be expecting delays for parcels.
I shipped a package to my friend in Japan… I shipped it the third week of October and she didn’t get it until last week. It really is a tricky situation. Next time if you are that worried, I highly suggest EMS because it is quick and there is tracking.

From this time on my choice will be registered mail, I don’t need situations like this in the future…

I will post update during incoming week, thanks for help guys and keep your fingers crossed : D


btw their packing is a bit hilarious - in the biggest box, the one on the right - there’re just Diancie special pack + one booster box.


I believe it. I told you two days ago there was no reason to sweat it.
Everybody was panicking. Just listen to the old man from now on;)


gotta love some good news

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I had Customs open a “suspicious” PokeParcel a year ago and they made my customer drive an hour to pick it up.

This was after they held onto it for 4 weeks and after I had called them ten times. :unamused:

OT: Glad the boxes arrived! What an odd way to pack it.

I guess my packages has stuck at Customs too, because they all arrived at the same time although first package was sent over two weeks before the other two.