ok i never done an AMA before.
But since people talk among themselves about me when I’m not here.
I’ll see if i can answer as many questions as possible.

I do reserve the right not to answer anyone.
I do reserve the right to take my time answering a question and I do reserve the right to choose to answer either public or private.
I also reserve the right not to answer at all.
You can ask but I dont have to answer.

Try not to repeat the same questions.

The reason for this is so this way i can gather all your questions in one area.

-CrazyP)okemon - Americas version of Imakuni. (joking of course)

How many unique uncut sheets do you have?

What is your rarest card?
What is your favorite artwork?
How did you get into Pokemon?

Don’t know off the top of my head.

If i had to guess i would say around 20- 25 different uncut sheets
that consists of multiples that add up into the hundreds of sheets.

it’s been a few years since i last counted.
I would need frames to display them all which I plan on doing so at the end of this year.

Probably the BANNED from STS sneasel
its just a real bad ass i obtained and have not been able to give this card any company.
It’s the only card i own of this size.

I got into pokemon before the phenomenon boom started.

Fav artwork… too many to choose just 1.

SSB, Blaines charizard are the kind of artwork i wish i had in uncut sheet form. Those 2 cards come to mind.

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Do you have any sheets where it does not match the final production design? For example: a fossil sheet with Cosmo foil when the set was produced largely with the “Galaxy” foil.


Test Sheets.
I cant give numbers on these. but most of my collection is test sheets

Would you be able to describe differences in the test sheets versus the final design?

Yes i could but i wont at this time. Perhaps in the future.
There is a lot to be said.

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Is there anywhere i can see pictures of your sheets?

I’ve never noticed anyone talking about you on here. Why is there a need for an AMA?


Because sheets is something that interests a lot of collectors… and this guy happens to have a ton of them.

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I need to get frames first before i can showcase them.

these are the frames I’m thinking of getting at the end of 2018.

I dont know if they will be good for the collection but the idea sure looks good.

Once i get them Ill take pics of the collection.

Why do uncut sheets exist? Like how were they saved/ why not destroyed?

Thanks hammy.

I started at 14 and in december my collection turns 14 meaning
december 2018 will be literally 50% of my life.

I’m going to be blunt, this is the worst AMA I’ve ever seen. I mean, are you trolling buddy?

You’re so generic with your answers and haven’t actually said a single thing.

Sounds like you have a cool collection but next time be ready to give actual answers.


Who are you and why should I care?


In all seriousness, Andrew, we are glad to hear about your collection and your story but if all you ever do is provide scraps of regurgitated info here and there you’re not providing anything constructive to the community.

Why would you not even provide the answer to something as generic as why uncut sheets exist in the first place? There’s no mystery behind it… numerous people on this forum can easily provide that answer. They existed for the purposes of R&D and weren’t destroyed. Employees took them home… Why is that so challenging?

Stop trying to be so elitist. This blatant self promotion is nauseating to me.

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Just a heads up this is good old “crazypokemon” from back in the day. He was the og troll before we had actual scammers.

Considering this has no real purpose besides self promotion, time to lock it up.

Oh and Andrew, crazypokemon/thepokemonuncutsheet, no one here is talking about you. I didn’t even realize you were still around. Feel free to make a collection thread showing your actual collection.