Thepokemoncutsheet AKA crazypokemon

Ok I have met this guy on youtube he has the ssb2 mewtwo
And the banned at the sts sneazel
I was wondering why this man is bad DJ contacted me on his youtube account and told me this guy is bad and I was just wondering what did did to deserve that title.
and I know that this might be in the wrong thread but how much do you think those cards are worth?

Well if you don’t have a problem with 18+ year olds misspelling and creating the most ridiculous grammatical and logical errors and saturating your emails and PMs with ‘wat untl u se my colection url be so jelus’ then you will have no problem with crazy and will get along just fine :slightly_smiling_face: :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly what cards are you referring to? the only I would consider to be a card would be the SSB no.2 which I’d value gem-mint at the most $4k ATM however knowing the owner I’d value that particular one at $5.

As for the uncut-sheets and that giant sneasel card I’d say whatever value craypokemon would buy them for since he seems to be the only one that has any slight interest.

DJ have you asked crazy for his?, I’d buy the giant-sneasel from him if he’s selling, all he will do with the cash is just buy a bunch of soda :stuck_out_tongue: :slightly_smiling_face:

I have absolutely no interest in that card, it’s not even a card IMO.

Would any of you feel bad, that once I get rich I buy crazypokemon’s uncut-sheet collection and then post multiple threads on the gym about how I have the greatest uncut-sheet collection in the world and post it in other threads/topics that have nothing to do with it?

(in case you *the mods* are wondering I could hardly give a fuck or shit less if crazy or anyone else sees my posts; I’m not going to pussy-foot my opinions) sorry if I just broke rule #7 :stuck_out_tongue: :slightly_smiling_face: (note: most of my posts aren’t like this one)

Oh I thought they would be more

Yah that and the shipping would make it almost not worth it


I should come down on you for this post you know…

Yeah I know, I did put a disclaimer at the end mentioning that I’m not like that all the time.

I honestly felt a tad bad as in guilty for posting that, I felt that my karma would have looked like Scott’s but with - in front of it :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ve seen crazypokemon in person but i gotta say the guy is kinda of a dick in ways.he pmed me awhile back on my youtube channel and asked me to view his video of uncut pokemon sheets and blah blah blah.i told him its alright but not so OMG about I told him that his uncut sheets might be useless and he begs to differ thinking that since he has so many he can make alot of money off em cause he believes to CONTROL the market of uncut sheets which to me is kinda stupid seeing how other people have higher value cards than he does.He claims that his test shadowless sheet someone was gonna offer him 6k for it but I told him no proof I wont believe him.