Alternate Next Destinies reverse holo variants?

Hello everyone! I’ve been a lurker in this forum for many years but I arrived at a research roadblock and the time has come to finally start a thread.

A few days ago I won an auction that contained around 5000 bulk cards including holos, ultra rares, gold cards and a few older cards from BW Next Destinies. When adding them to my collection I noticed that the holo pattern of the reverses was different from the ones already in my collection:

There were 3 of those cards that look and feel 100% real included in the collection:

The rest of the internet has failed me, so does anyone here know more about how those got distributed, if a whole set of those exists or if they are simply beautiful error prints?





This looks like a holo/reverse holo double print.
Vanilluxe is a holo, but the others aren’t. Which makes it stranger.


Looks like these are destined to be in cgc slabs


I was not ready to see this arousing grimer cards right after waking up


Ah a man of culture I see.

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Yeah this is what I’m thinking. The BW holo pattern design looks like this:

It’s got the same pinstripe effect. It’s probably based on the pattern on the actual holo sheet

The reverse holos probably use a flat holo sheet similar to this one

The pattern on the reverse holo is due to blocking out the holo with ink to create the leaf shape like below:

So in the case of these cards, it appears that they printed the reverse holo design ONTO the pinstripe holo sheet (aka the regular holo sheet) instead of a flat holo sheet. Most likely a mistake unless it was intentionally done for some distribution I’m just not aware of.

This is entirely speculation but it seems to be the most straightforward explanation of how to get this kind of effect


Very cool error, I love variants for different holo patterns that you wouldn’t expect. It makes sense that the cards found in a bulk pile were from the same set and the same seller. Someone probably opened up a booster box that contained the errors from the same cut sheet.
That Grimer will be a nice addition to the world’s biggest slime army out there, @joponnes

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I agree with others here. It appears that a German holo sheet was used as the base, and the reverse holo design was printed on top of it. Super cool cards! I also agree that the Grimer would look incredible in @joponnes’ collection.


Well i’ve been limiting my error purchases atm but this one is so unique looking one that i don’t mind taking it in my collection if we can find an agreement with op :smile:


I’m sure we can work something out, you can send me a DM.

And thanks everyone for your insight!

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Looks like this is the case indeed, as pfm explained perfectly in his comment. They look awesome!

I hope to find a Pikachu like that one day perhaps. :wink:
I see @joponnes has already found the Grimer. No surprise there. :slight_smile: Hopefully you two can work something out.



I might be interested in that Trompignon!

Good luck! There is a Pikachu in NXD so at least it’s not impossible :yum:

I think I wanna keep the other two for now, but I’ll let you know if I change my mind

No worries!