All Gen 1 Cards

This Project im posting cause i havent abandoned it. Gen 1 Set Lists - Google Sheets

Ill Update it whenever i have free time (Which is what i alr do)
It will include reprints, different set stamps, and even just go over holos.

(No where near complete)


My biggest concern about this thread is the misterious question mark in your team signature, what could it be…

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Its To Represent MissingNo. The Rest Represent The Competitive Formats I Play. Snorlax Is Smogon RBY OU, Pidgeot Is RBY ZU, The questionmark Is MissingNo. Cause its the first mon i ever actually worked with as a joke, electabuzz is for Base-Neo, For Haymaker, and Melmetal Is For LGPE


Chat I am Happy to announce, that I AM DONE WITH VENDING!!! I will now go and work on Base Set. For The Trainers, not every version will count as a reprint, or remake, only the cards with similar art will count. As You Can see there are spots for prototypes. That will be important for later.


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