Acrylic Cases for Aquapolis & other e-series?

I’m looking for a well-fitting acrylic display case for an aquapolis and skyridge box. It’s my understanding that these are a different size than base, jungle, fossil, etc. Does anyone have a recommendation for where to find one?

I’ve found one on eBay, but it was very thick and overpriced at $60. Though i guess if i found a perfect one and the cost was $60 i might just go for it. Would really suck though. Any thoughts?

I use the exact acrylic case you’re referring to for my EX boxes (same size as e-Series). It’s fantastic. Fits perfectly. $60 is high, sure, but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to a 5-figure booster box.

I actually don’t have any sealed boxes, i just collect good-condition empty booster boxes for display. Aquapolis is hard to come by, so when one came up for sale for $80 and i snagged it, even though the condition is pretty rough. I usually stick to near mint, but this and Skyridge empty boxes are so rare and expensive that i just went with the cheap poor condition one for now

$60 case for and $80 booster box is harder to justify hahah

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Oh ok, that makes sense then lol. I did just find this case for $30, which I can’t vouch for yet (just ordered a couple this morning):

$30 per + $20 flat shipping. Still cheaper than the other one, though. No clue how the quality is, but they look great from the photos and PokeRev is reputable, so I figured it’s worth a shot.

Let me know how they are. Looks to me there is a lot of space around them so the boxes will still move.

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Ok, the PokeRev cases arrived today! Slightly different shape and exterior dimensions from the eBay, but comparable quality. The left boxes are in the PokeRev cases, while the right box is in the eBay case.

Also, interior dimensions are identical. Both are sized almost perfectly, though give maybe half an inch for the box to move around. Overall, I’d say I have no preference between the two cases. I think they both work just fine!

I’m obviously a *tad biased here but if anyone is interested in a little higher-end/premium in terms of acrylics, you can check out Phantom Displays (here is a link to our booster boxes).

I’m the founder so again, I’m biased but thought I’d share regardless in case people wanted to explore other options. There are a lot of great acrylics out there for all different price points – we focused on making the highest-quality cases we can, so that comes with a more premium price tag.

If anyone is interested I’d be happy to help hook you up.


Ps. this is my first (and well overdue) post :slight_smile:

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May as well drop this here since I’ve been curious about it as well, I have the battle e card booster boxes and don’t know what I should do about the acrylic cases either. The size of the box seems different than standard boxes as the packs aren’t stacked laying down, they’re standing up and leaning for display purposes.

It seems the cases are always gonna be decently expensive. As in, like $60 or so. I was hoping they’d be cheaper but it seems not.

I suppose I need to measure the boxes first, but mostly what I wanna know is if people just buy them through Amazon, or if there is a specialty site/store to get them from.