Ace Spec Cards Collectable Potential.

Opinions on Ace Spec cards, and how they may turn out as collectible ‘mini-set’ in the future, for both English and Japanese?

There were only 13 total Ace Spec cards, and by the looks of it we aren’t going to be getting anymore of them, which means they are a card type isolated to 4 sets (+1 combo deck for Japanese). Not many in the grand scheme of things.

Obviously nobody can predict the future, but I am interested to see what you guys and girls think.

Concerning English Ace Specs:

I see them as collectible exclusively to people looking to finish out sets. They are flashy, but with what meaning? They’re just trainers. That’s really all it boils down to.

I feel like, if they were going to be extra collectible, they unplayable ones would see the same prices as unplayable EX’s. But that’s been far from true.

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I am happy that they have seemingly been discontinued as well. Never liked them because they stuffed up pull rates. I am not the biggest fan of their design but they are A LOT better than B/W & X/Y era regular EX cards.

I can see it as something people might go after in the future to form a set of them. Like when people say ‘I want to go for a Gold Star set’ or ‘I want a Crystal Card set’. Obviously nowhere near the scale of those 2 examples but in a similar vein. @funmonkey54

I think that these not being Pokemon places them at a greater disadvantage than one might think.

I also don’t think they’re really better in design than regular EX’s.

I have a burning hate for regular EX cards that cannot be extinguished, so I am very bias :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think people are too hard on them. Haha.

Most of the regular BW EX cards I wasn’t keen on but some were really well done however the Ace Spec I am glad they stopped haha. I didn’t like the artwork on them so as a collector it was just another thing to put me off completing the sets…

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I don’t see the English ones retaining any value at all. They’re like holo-level rarity in the English sets and a bunch of them sell for like $2 or less individually.

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/kicks ace specs square in the nuts/

no future collectability at all…who wants a set of relatively common trainers?

Need I to remind you of…
Skyla, Bianca, Caitlin, Prof. Juniper, Fennel…


Not nearly as easy to pull. And Ace Specs have no draw on hormones whatsoever, so again, unfair comparison. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah, the FA girls are much rarer plus just look at Dark Magician Girl in YuGiOh…a full art, busty, suggestively drawn girl will sell much better than a boring, more common ray gun

even if the buyer isn’t a horny teenage boy, the art is subconsciously more appealing, even to women. and again, the rarity differs greatly

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It really depresses me that we will never get an Elesa full art.

Full art Lt. Surge please. :stuck_out_tongue: