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So I logged into my Paypal account Monday morning and there was note I’ll have to provide more information about me so they can be sure I’m actual user of the account.

Out of all different options I picked drivers license + electricity bill, how long it usually takes before they have processed my case and removed “limited” status from account?

You should contact them. They never asked me for those info. Only my Social security for tax purposes…That’s all.

I had it solved within 2 days, but I was handeling in dutch so I suppose I had dutch workers.


Never? Based on google search results this thing has been up since ~2011. This is the exact message I received after logging in:

" You have received €1,800 or more in total payments to your PayPal account in this calendar year and are therefore approaching our annual receiving limit of €2,500. PayPal is required by law to comply with European Union Anti-Money Laundering regulations by collecting information from customers when they reach this limit. Please go to the Resolution Centre for more information on what you need to do. "

I’ll contact them if nothing has changed after couple weeks.


Thanks, sounds like a reasonable processing time. Did you receive any email notification once they had checked your additional informations? :blush:

Oh, I received that message. In the US, they require a Social security number. It usually take them 1 business day to process.

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I received no e-mails. Just to clarify, I was checked because I had ordered 3 times in a week something for a friend, and I got it shipped to his unvertified address that’s also in another country then mine. I understand that they could have thought that I was hacked and that the hacker was just ordering things with my paypal and getting it shipped to his address.

@nauticads , paypal wants you to stop cleaning your drug money thru pokemon cards!


Round 1: Paypal 1 - me 0

They finally have reviewed the documents I sent, drivers license was okay but they have some issues with electricity bill because it doesn’t have state/country name like in paypal/ebay addresses ( state/country is obligatory in those? ). Not really my problem because companies in Finland use only full name, street address, postal code and postal area in their bills.

This will turn into one interesting struggle.

Doesn’t there exist a Finnish PayPal site? You should submit your documents via that one, the normally someone from Finland will review it.

Unfortunately not ( unless I’ve missed something very crucial information ).

There was rumours years ago ebay might launch finnish version of their website but nothing happened in the end.

After 1,5 week waiting and exchanging couple emails with Paypal they finally removed my limits. All this time I’ve been using state name for nothing in pp/ebay details, after I removed that everything went smoothly. :blush: