A warning to all collectors joining Instagram.

Ive noticed a large amount of people from upccc joining instagram in the past few months, so i figured id make this for you all to see. There is a user on instagram known as POKEMON_COLLECTING101, and id highly recommend you avoid him at all costs. He was known as mustbepokemon on youtube, and he was one of the biggest scammers ive ever heard of. He ran a psa grading service on youtube until he was trusted, and then as soon as he got a few big rounds in, quit responding and left youtube. He then sold off most of the cards on ebay. Stealing and selling hundreds of psa cards is basically unforgivable.

It was discovered a few months back that this guy was the same mustbepokemon from youtube, and even though he has been called out as a scammer multiple times, he is still active and buying/selling/trading. I dont think he has scammed since rejoining the community, but that does not make up for his past crimes.

Id recommend everyone avoid him and completely ignore him if possible.


I just sold 2 pcg packs to him and he received them fine. Not sure if I should deal with him again.

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If it was 50 or 100 it might be a different story. If this guy is prone to building trust he will only blow his cover if it’s financially a big windfall for him.

Yeah avoid at all costs, there are videos on silversnorlax’s page with his address and name. His ebay username is also listed


Glad this thread was made. He was called out a while ago, but it sort of went unnoticed. Definitely seems like he’s trying to build up a rep again, wouldn’t put it past him to try pull off another large scale scam at some point.


And this is why I don’t sell/buy on Instagram or YouTube.

@milhouse is right about those forms of social media.


If you’re curious about the information here it is.

Mustbepokemon’s scamming info


I’m not one to do PSA but am still glad for this warning nevertheless. It’s best to keep this kind of community informed about people like this asshole. It allows everyone to be more alert about this kind of thing and help others avoid being scammed. Thanks for the info.


Ahh Instagram, the Wild West of Pokemon Collecting!

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Try YouTube. 90% of people are under age 12 with a mental age of like 5. I only do it for the 10% that can put together a coherent sentence and actually give some quality input.

However I guess that’s to be expected with a franchise mainly directed at kids.


I’ve worked with him after he scammed everyone, (Didn’t know at the time) I still have a sour taste in my mouth about the whole situation…Lets just say if I was in a room with him, Osama, and Hitler and also a gun with 2 bullets, I would shoot the dude twice.


Wouldn’t buying your own membership eliminate any chance of being scammed in this way?


It would. Thing is though, that not everyone who is interested in grading can afford a membership, or they don’t have enough cards to justify getting a membership.

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I always felt this way too, but then I found out that certain countries you are going to get a massive tax on a package from PSA. So let’s say you spend 500 dollars on grading, in some countries that is going to come back to you with over 100 dollars in charges from your own country. If you go through someone else, and only want to grade 10-20 cards a year then they can creatively label/mark your package and you won’t get slugged with charges.

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Got ya. It’s just where I saw people claim to have lost 1000, 5000, and even 10k. I figured if they had that much at stake the fee would be cheaper than the risk.


Yeah I would never be sending that amount of value of a collectible through other people. I have questioned the logic behind the same scenario on UPCCC before. If something is in the thousands then I am going to spend the extra $ to do it myself.

Some people don’t see it that way, I suppose.


Just watched the video. Is that you @thorgene and @desi that are involved in the comments?

I was affected by the MBP scam, I had sent in a little over a couple hundred dollars worth of cards on top of the PSA fees that he required at the time. This was right at the time of me trying to start collecting again and I almost lost hope, Tommy came around and did a great thing and graded my first ever PSA card for free and it got a PSA 10, I still currently own it and I will never let it go as it is a token of friendship and the start of my collection :blush:


Mate I’m really sorry to hear you were involved.

Some people are just such scum!!!


He still has my PSA 10 Entei cards ;(