Warning - bodangers - Major issue.

New update on page 3. With card photos.

Dear E4 members,
Well there is no point for me to hide this anymore.

I will attempt to keep this short and straight to the point. Although it’s a rather significant issue my taste for drama is non-existent and simply not worth my time and energy. I’m just here to collect and enjoy the hobby. However I feel everbody should be aware. Excuse me for any poor English as its not my native language.

Now as a disclaimer, I know how politically correct some would like to be. But I wouldn’t be making this unless I was 100% certain. In fact make that a thousand procent. I hate wasting time.

First and foremost, a small introduction I’m Pokemetics from Instagram and Jimetics on numerous other platforms. I’m active on Facebook/Instagram/Cardmarket/Ebay. Maybe some of you might have heard from me or even done business with me.

I’ve been collecting and grading cards for about 1,5+ years now. And graded over almost 2k+, if not more by now. Build up a pretty decent name with absolutely no problems along the line. And managed to obtain a pretty substantial collection.

Now as I’m from Europa I’ve always used a middle-man for my PSA send-offs, solely Ludkins Collectibles without any problem whatsoever other than some long waiting times. Out of curiousity I decided to attempt a different option just to expierence whether it would be any faster and was willing to try out Bonnie from Karpcards.

Now I criticize and inspect my cards very extensively and EXTREMELY hard, to the point of neurotic. Not to sound cocky but I would know exactly what minor flaws could potentially knock cards down or establish a solid gem. I honestly don’t bother sending in anything which isn’t bordeline gem. Therefore my succesrate with PSA is exceptional

In my recent batch I included a GS Charizard. When the card finally arrived back to her, I noticed it on stream and began having some suspicion. But I obviously had to view it for myself before judging. When it finally arrived back home to me, it was nothing like the one I send-in. In fact it was so obvious… its scary. And like I said, I wouldn’t be spending time and effort on this nonsense if I’m not absolutely convinced. Not only is this version totally off-centered compared to mine. The big ultimate red flag was the fact that mine had a very tiny small silver dot on the front. I knew exactly where it was, this one has no sign of it.

Reason being this silver dot was so significant because the card was otherwise completely perfect. No it wasn’t dust, No it wasn’t something that could possibly be removed. It was on the actual card itself. As a matter of fact my friend (Who is a rather big Pokemon instagrammer) has actually seen and inspected the card in person as well. He’s just as excited about the condition of my cards as any 9 goldstar would go straight too him (I don’t collect GS) We had a broad conversation about it as it was litterly the only small thing that could knock it down. Now I’ve shown him the version Bonnie send me, and straight away… He didn’t hesistate for a second. This is not my card.

Now for the conclusion. I know for a fact my card has been swapped. At the start I did not want to point fingers as it’s impossible to prove. But as a man of logic I can only assume it has something to do with my grader. My emotions would tell me otherwise but this was simply to hard to overlook. As I informed her about the issue, all I got was defensive stupid questions as if I’m dumb.

In all honestly I don’t care if a card has the value of a dollar or 5k. I had my fair share of expensive cards and as you will witness from my quotes in screenshots, I could care less about compensation or money in general. It’s the principle of this issue that bothers me. As it’s simply not my card.

I don’t plan on waiting forever and going back and forth with everybody. Now I know people might defend her or disapprove of my approach or assumptions but I’m not fuzzed. You’re all entitled to your own opinions, I’m just here to report my findings. I was forced to contact a PSA representative and they were so kind to proceed and take it to upper mangement and scout the cameras. However conveniently Bonnie retracts any and all responsiblity. And PSA is forced to reveal any discovery/findings only to the actual PSA submitter. After that she made an attempt to get my social platform Instagram down.

Im litterly an open book, there is more I could tell but I frankly don’t have time atm. Therefore I also included a photo album of numerous screenshots. imgur.com/a/1CITGvz And I will answer any questions or confusion on the subject whenever I find extra time. If you value your cards I would personally suggest you stay away from this “PSA Service”.

Kind Regards,


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wtf is this The Jerry Springer Show


the story is a little confusing to me, so you send her a Goldstar Charizard to grade and she sent you back a worse copy? Do you have pictures of your charizard and the swapped one?

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Nope jermey Kyle now


I never see the point of “hey provide a before pic”… that would then be argued that it is a different card. Just either send it in yourself or use some like Ludkins these things are too valuable to risk.

I don’t understand what possesses people to send their unmarked valuables to complete strangers on the internet just because they advertise themselves as a ‘PSA Service’.


Heh. You were the first person i bought a card from on IG. Sucks for your GS but welcome to the forums

Sorry for your bad experience. There was a similar case here years ago where I think the person switched a 10 with a 9.

Consider this a life lesson. Submit on your own or stick to a trusted service even if it’s slower or more expensive. I don’t know the reason you went from Ludkins to someone I never ever heard about? (Nvm… You explained why.)

I saw on her story came back as 9 again.
Did you send it in for regrading?

It’s a common scam. I’m just surprised there’s still people who fall for it:(


Poke no-no

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I don’t snap photos of every single card I’m about to send in for grading. That would be insanely time consuming. But to make it more clear, I send her a Charizard copy with an indisuputable significant mark. The one I got back is completely different from the one I send her.
Hench Yes you could say she sent a worse copy back. Its a 9 but has tremendously different characteristic and imo not even worthy of a 9. Regardless the grades don’t matter in this scenario, and frankly not my point of interest. The principle behind this however is, and thats the fact its not my card. Somewhere along the line it has been swapped.

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I’m curious why you strayed from Ludkins?

How many stories does one need to hear of where things like this happens with “grading services” and F&F payments? Just stop people.

Consider it a cheap life lesson. It may not feel cheap, but blindly trusting in strangers could cost a lot more down the line than
a ~ PSA 9 GS zard. A lot of these people probably start honest and then over time when the opportunity becomes too great due to the higher volume and $$ involved or just life hitting them in their finances once honest people can take a turn.

I’m not condemning any specific people in this specific instance, just the entire stupid practice in a general sense. I don’t know the specifics of this event.


@gottaketchumall I agree. Take the extra time to grade through a reliable service. Pay fees and use goods and services to ensure you don’t get scammed through PayPal. Saving a few days time or a few $ isn’t worth the risk.


Popular suggestion and a bad one IMO. Missing the point I am trying to make.

Steph was deemed reliable by many before that issue years ago as apparently was bodangers in this thread it seems.

@gottaketchumall it’s all in how you define reliable. I understood your point. A person who was honest and then turns isn’t reliable in my opinion. A reliable service would be Ludkins where there isn’t the chance for one person to take a turn and take advantage of customers. How is grading through a reliable service a bad suggestion?

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Any link in the chain can fail. ANY middleman is an additional link in the chain and an additional potential source of failure. Even the most reliable middleman adds more handling into the process and more points of failure no matter how reliable. Maybe you never deemed the failed services as reliable to begin with, but my point is that many people did and in many cases they made a bad judgement. I am sure there are currently lauded untainted services today that will go through the same issues one month, one year or one decade from now.

Can you list all the reliable services in your opinion? I’d be interested to see how big the list is and how well it ages. That is my point. They are all “reliable” until they aren’t and there is no great way to know which will always be reliable and when some of them will turn unreliable.

I know nothing of any of these middlemen personally, as I’ve never used one, but AFAIK Ludkins seems to be the gold standard. As many times as I’ve seen that posted, I’ve also seen other grading services lauded over the years as being just as good or better by some folks including every single one which ultimately failed due to theft, deceit or whatever other issues. I know I’m saying the same things over and over but clearly due to another one of these threads existing the point isn’t common knowledge as it should be.

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It’s hard to argue with the above, so I won’t. I, too, never used an outside service and honestly never would have. I would go direct. Now it’s different. I would send to Charlie who represents Ludkins. I’m more of a people person and I trust and endorse him.