A Statement

Hello Community,

As the sole location wherein we advertised the collectors event held in Hartford, Connecticut between May 3rd and 5th, I am prompted to make a statement to you all.

The collectors event was held in the same location as the Hartford Regional, but it was NOT the Hartford Regional. All promotional materials that you may have seen or received that indicate this as part of the Hartford Regional are false.

The event was not an act of TPCI. It was an act of my own.

Many people have posted the COLLECTOR stamped Charizard card on eBay advertising it as “An official VIP-only promotional card for people at the Hartford Regional Championships.” This description is false in all regards. This information was not supplied, suggested, advertised, verified, or otherwise made known or veritable by myself, Charlie Hurlocker, nor anyone involved with the Pokemon Regional Event. The stamped card was not supplied by TPCI.

Any association with the Hartford Regional is false and purely the imaginations and misunderstandings of attendees.

You will not see me making statements of any kind that contradict the above information.