A small warning on last minute bidding on eBay

Make sure the auction is in your currency, I was browsing yesterday before I went to bed and found a card I wanted for some time that had a very low bid, I set my sniper to 65 and forgot about it… today I saw I had won and auction was in Euros, lol, damn eBay rookie mistake. I ended over paying by $26, it’s not much, but it’s annoying, so always check the currency before bidding and going to bed, the drowsiness really does impair ones judgement. :sweat:

No kidding, darn eBay and it’s trickery. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a coincidence, the card I won was from a French seller too.

Was it by chance a grand party? :wink:

lol, both correct! ;D

You were also bidding on that one cbd?

I would have if it didn’t go so darned high! I bought my PSA 10 copy for that a year ago. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know :slightly_frowning_face: I wish I hadn’t won it at such a high price, but then again most are $99 or more, suck really since I missed a Buy-it-now on Y!J complete with booklet for 4,500 YEN, argh!

What’s a fair price for a Grand Party (non graded)? I want to know how much I overpaid. :stuck_out_tongue:

You didn’t really overpay by much. It was at the high end but stil a fair price in my opinion. You won’t find them for cheaper on eBay…

I bought one recently at auction on Yahoo Japan and paid $75 for it after fees and stuff. I doubt it’s Mint either… So you didn’t do bad.

I would say making a small mistake that ends in ownership of an awesome card is probably one of the least damaging mistakes to make. Haha.

True :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t kick yourself too hard. The Grand Party is a gorgeous card. Think of it this way: The fact that you paid a few more dollars makes it all that more deserving of a special place in your collection. :blush:

I have to catch myself with this all the time. For some reason, Ebay keeps setting my default currency to Canadian moneys, so the prices that show up are always off. It’s actually really frustrating.

You having currency problems ebaEh? :blush:

You are probably searching through the Canadian ebay. It happens to me sometimes when I click a link from someone who lives in canada. You should be able to choose at the bottom of the page what nation you prefer. You can also search ebay in google and since you are in the states it should use the US one as a default.