A look into "Tyler The Great Warrior" - The rarest Yu-Gi-Oh card in existence [Auction live]

Now this is something to behold: The Rarest Yu-Gi-Oh! Card in History: The Story of Tyler the Great Warrior - YouTube

Cimoooo did a great job with this and it’s incredible how much access Tyler had back then. Very happy to see Tyler doing well. Could this be a million dollar card when the sale happens in August?



Really cool video. Good share.

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Tyler: “At one point, we talked a little bit about what attack level we wanted it… I may have chosen that.”

I would’ve definitely picked some meme number so I’m glad I never had the opportunity to ruin some grail card lol

I have no clue about Yu-Gi-Oh, but I enjoyed watching the video. Thanks for sharing!

I hope that this stays within the community. Auctions of 1/1 or exceptionally rare items tend to draw a lot of attention from wealthy “influencers,” TCG-adjacent collectors, and celebrities with deep pockets.

Maybe Charlie (penguinz0) will buy it. He just showed off his expansive Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon collections today.


No for the million, but I see this at quarter mill easily. Incredible story

I remember reading about this card in a magazine I had when I was a kid! I wasn’t expecting to ever hear about this card again but it’s amazing to see Tyler is now in good health and warms my heart. As a huge Yugioh fan I could never part with something like that but I’m glad that he wants to pass it along to someone who’s going to enjoy it forever and use that money to better his life even further.

Thank you for sharing!

Thank you for sharing!

I remember hearing about this card on youtube many years. I was surprised that there’s only 1 copy. I was expecting 2 copies existed: one for Tyler and for Yugioh/Konami .

absolutely insane, I remember reading about this card when I was in middle school over 10 years ago. i for sure thought it would be sitting forgotten in the guy’s grandma’s attic lol.

very interested to see what price it will be sold for. to be honest wouldnt be surprised if it broke 7 figures, considering the rise in popularity of graded trading cards in recent years.

Tyler’s Father doesn’t look very happy that the card graded a 7 haha!

Any Yu-Gi-Oh guys here have some insight into how valuable this thing is? and what a realistic sale price would be at auction?

357k + shilling galore to the millions

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Realistically I think it will go around 150k. And I believe it’s for sale in April not August?


That surface grade though :frowning: BGS guy must have dented it when pushing it out of the black holder.

Here’s a snip of the card. I didn’t show the graded card since that may be a spoiler


I have a tough time believing that it would go for anywhere close to a million dollars. I agree with @petiparty. Somewhere around $100,000-$150,000 sounds right to me.

Besides the difference in their respective history, this seems pretty parallel to the japanese face trophy cards.

my prediction is 200k

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Oh, as long as the attack is over 9000, any number is good. :laughing:

This was a cool share. THanks for posting, @dragonwarrior!


Is this the one?


Yes, and the most underwhelming eBay description for such a famous item


Not only that, but using a account with 97.6 in feedback, what is that all about