97 pika trophy

Hi does anybody know how many of these are still out there. I mean not in collectors hands I know Scott has a set Ali had a no 3 is the other ones accounted for yet? Any info who be appreciated. And how many sets of the 97 pika are there?

I’m pretty sure there is a full set on YJ for around 12k (?)

that is a 98 set if ur talking about the set that has been for sale for like a year.

The reason I’m asking is I’m saving my money for a English set but I really want a Japanese pika so I think I am just going to save for a year or so to get one. I am almost done with the other cards I want have less then 20 to go. I’m putting aside 300 a month so it should not take to long to have the funds for a 97 pika if it shows up for sale.

Oooh ok my bad :stuck_out_tongue:

There were 4 sets in total awarded in 1997. Outside of my full set, Geri owns that No. 3 you referenced as well as a No. 1. There is a collector in Germany who own’s a No. 2.

The difference between each year is the text of the card. The 1997 set is absurdly rare (only 4 copies). I typically look at the last sentence of the text to distinguish between each year. Here is a photo of each year for reference (1997 set on top):


ok so there is hope that when I’m ready to purchase one may show up. I may have funds sooner I start a second job next month so my income is going to rise by 2 grand a month.

Realistically I would settle for the later years if you really want the original pika set. If a 97 copy appears for sale, the price will be significantly higher than the 98 variants.

What’s the difference between the 98 and the 99? (2nd row and 3rd row)

so only 2 sets are accounted for so far? And how many of those 6 cards that are accounted for are graded at the moment?

The easiest way to distinguish between the 2nd and 3rd row is by looking for the numbers, “1, or 2”. The 2nd row set has a “1” and the 3rd row has a “2” in the text.

There was an additional 1997 trophy sold a few years on YJ by a middlewoman. Where that card landed is unknown.

As I said before, it would be better to shoot for one of the later years. Even if a 1997 were to appear, which is extremely unlikely, the bidding war will be a blitzkrieg. The prices realized and potential price range for a 1997 is significantly above the other pika sets.