8/25/13 - ANA Pikachu & Manaphy

Though newer, I like these, and personally think that these are the best ANA promos. I’ve always loved the Pikachu surfing on Wailmer, and the background to Manaphy is also very nice.

I really wish that some American airline would give out Pokemon cards ahah

What’s the value of these? All the sets I’ve seen have been for $50+, but individually they don’t seem to be near that much. Why is that?
Which of these two are your favorite?
Which ANA promo is overall your favorite?

I love the way these are colored, too bad about the pokemon in there, would’ve preferred a Lapras instead of the whale thing and a Lugia instead of the other one, but that’s me. My favorite so far are the old school ANA promos:

I think there is a certain essence of having a completed set in the original folder that adds to the value of the ANA Promos, similar to the Masaki Promos. Personally, I like the Manaphy over the Pikachu, as the Pikachu was translated into English and as a child growing up, I constantly got Pikachus from blister packs. It ruined my love for the artwork of it :stuck_out_tongue: That is just me.