60 Euros for an ungraded Venusaur shadowless base set?

Was the final bidding on the item 60 euro? If not you got shilled and he trying to offload it you for the price he wants.

Yes, I think the final bidding was about that :blush:

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I’ve been offered the second winner offer of ebay’s auctions on an ungraded shadowless base set Venusaur. The condition is actually very nice. I’d say a PSA 8 maybe (it could easily be a 9, but since I don’t have experience with PSA… I’ll say an 8 just in case).

Do you think that 60 euros is a fair price for an ungraded shadowless copy of Venusaur? I’m not sure if I should buy it or not.

Thanks! ^^

I would pay that, been after one in that kind of condition for a long time

Thanks @acebren. I’ve bought it in the end. Now let’s see if the card is actually the one in the picture :grin: I really hope that you find one to add to your collection! :blush:

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For a shadowless that’s not a bad price at all.

That’s great news then! Thanks for the feedback. I’m really happy with having bought it ^^