50 million dollars to quit pokemon

You’re offered 50 million dollars to never do anything pokemon related ever again! This means you can’t play the games, no card collecting and you can’t watch any of the TV shows and trailers. You can’t have any pokemon merchandise and you can’t even talk about pokemon! So what do you do?

I asked this very same question in a reddit post recently and it got a bit of attention. It was a dumb question to ask in hindsight. Most of us there are only in highschool or college and need money so of course every1 will think it’s stupid not to accept money. For me it should be a no brainer, I would probably choose to accept the money immediately. But I can’t help but feel that I would be making the wrong decision. Maybe it’s because I love the franchise so much, but choosing that over 50 million just seems too insane. When I came up with reasons for why ppl might not accept, I just got a ton of downvotes and ppl saying you’re crazy if you don’t accept the money lol.

I think here is a more interesting place to ask this kind of question. Since a decent amount of you guys already invest a small fortune into this franchise and are probably way more passionate about it than any1 on reddit.

I wouldn’t take the money.

Sometimes there is more to life than cash :blush:

I love Pokemon with all I got.

However I also love other things… like my family and days off. I could take care of my family forever and never have to work? Sorry Pokemon, I’m on my way to Hawaii.

With 50 mil, you could do so much to help not only yourself/friends/family, but people truly in need around the world. As much as I love Pokemon, there are so many incredible things you can do with that kind of money. Sorry, Pikachu, but we just can’t see each anymore.

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pokewhat? where’s my check


This is a difficult choice. I’ve only gotten back to collecting for a short period of time, so I think my attachment does not get outweighed by the 50 mil. However, thinking about having to be Pokémon-less for the rest of my life – I’m hoping it’s gonna be at least 60 more years – seems cruel. That’s not even 1 million a year – probably gonna be worth 50k in today’s money in 30 years. I’ll take a money, then secretly I will start collecting Pokémon again. no one’s gonna catch me. you can have it all in life if you believe and try.

I didn’t know we could completely ignore the conditions of the deal. In that case, I’ll take 500 mil, ownership of TPCI and Nintendo, and the collections of everyone on here. Thx.

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I collect anime merchandise and I was more serious about it before I picked up collecting the Pokemon tcg again. In saying that I play through the gen 3 games very often.

Realistically what your asking me is would you give up some of the most cherished memories I have for 50 million and the answer is no. If you want my legs though thats a different story.

Once I get the 50M who’s to stop me from Pokémon’ing again? Muahaha!

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What’s your price?
Well if it was just me I’d have different thoughts. But with two sons and a 3 yo daughter I’d have to take the 50 mil (not dong)

Keanu Reeves is always watching you with a freshly sharpened pencil in hand.


This is golden. Some posts between these 3 guys (our very own smpratte) in 2009 about whether purchasing and holding onto a 1st ed PSA 10 Charizard is a good/sound investment. gave me a lot chuckles. Hindsight is 20/20…Happy for that guy who paid $700.

Why are you posting this here?

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I’d do it for 500k.


How is this even a question?

Pokemon is love, Pokemon is life.

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“Here is a check for $50 million, you can have it only if you give up Pokemon.”



I definitely don’t want to give up Pokémon, because it’s been a huge part in my life and I enjoy the episodes, cards, collecting, etc.

But 50 million? Hell yeah. I also collect twisty puzzles and Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and have a lot more hobbies. It would be very hard to give up, but with 50 million I’m sure I’ll be able to get busy elsewhere. Not to mention the benefits regarding my work, family, and future wife/kids.

Any takers for my Pokémon collection including all Pikachus for 50 million? Cash only please. :stuck_out_tongue:


Because money makes happiness

many lottery winners who publicly claimed the winnings would disagree with this