4th print

What is so special about fourth print base? Most other languages for base have the same date as UK base. Its essentially like buying in another language except English is spoken in the UK too.

There’s more English speaking collectors compared to the other languages, so there’s more competition for the cards. The UK and Australia sold the unlimited print so there wasn’t as much need for the ‘4th print’ making them more scarce. Collectors decide what they want to collect, if they like the cards who’s to tell them they’re wrong?


I mean it had limited distribution and was only available in certain countries. You described exactly why people are interested in it. Collectors love variation even if it is as small as a date difference. Some cards have changed text too. For example, Fourth print vulpix has corrected HP.


Definitely not telling anyone they’re wrong? Actually I am. Buy Korean base it’s better.

Yea I know why it’s appealing. I was more so asking what else other than the date can be differentiated? Like Holo? Or what?

It’s disputed, but I think the 3rd print (UK version) of Fossil Holo cards have a certain glossy effect in comparison to their Unlimited counterparts. Personally however, I collect them because of their scarcity also :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea I love all base and fossil. Definitely am not hating on 4th print. I don’t own any 4th print holos. Only non holos so I wanted to know what else there was. I know fossil has cosmos Holo for some of it’s 1999-2000 print right?

They are generally more pale in color. It is actually very noticeable when you compare them in person. Not as distinctly different as shadowless, however.


On the Charizard holo the stripes in the background are a different colour. On the unlimited they are black on 4th print it’s more of a purple colour.


We’re collectors in a hobby with the catch phrase “Gotta Catch 'Em All.”

4th print is the first ever set with a unique variation. All there is to it. Collectors see a new challenge and a new way to enjoy collecting base set. They go for it.


Base Unlimited suffers from multiple variations in color differences from darker printings to light printings. I say “suffer” only because, personally, it’s like torture for me to decide whether every different color variation is to be considered a “true variant” and included in my collection or not. XD

That being said, you’ll find some 3rd print Unlimited Base cards have the same “pale” color variation as the UK 4th print.

That may be true which is also why I said generally. Color can also fade over time due to sunlight for instance. But since the 1999-2000 print is consistently pale, while the 1999 prints most of the time tends to have richer and more vivid colors, I think this is worth highlighting. The main point being that the 1999-2000 variant is not just a different year number at the bottom of the card as some people often think.


@scarecrowman88, fair point!

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Everything that’s been said thus far, and also the possibility of Base 2000 being rarer than Shadowless.

But take a look at @styluspt’s thread: