25th Anniversary Set - Celebrations

Looks like we’ve got our first information about the 25th Anniversary set thanks to a product list.

"Each 25th anniversary product will feature “mini booster packs.” Each of these will come with four cards. Furthermore, every 25th anniversary product will come with “normal” booster packs. These are presumably from regular sets, though we can’t be absolutely certain at this time.

Since only the mini packs use a 25th anniversary label, it seems whatever special cards we’re getting will only be found within the mini packs. This also implies the 25th anniversary set will be relatively small.

The following is a preliminary list of 25th anniversary products we received. Like all special sets, the booster packs will only be found within these promo products. There will be a few more products released that aren’t listed here, such as a Premium Collection:

25th Anniversary Giant Figure Collection: 9x “25th anniversary” mini booster packs, 3x “normal” booster packs, 1x V promo, 1x VMAX promo, a giant Pikachu figure

25th Anniversary Pikachu V Box: 4x mini booster packs, 2x normal booster packs, 1x Pikachu V promo, 1x Pikachu V jumbo

25th Anniversary Elite Trainer Box: 10x mini boosters, 5x boosters, 1x promo card, and the usual contents of an Elite Trainer Box

25th Anniversary Collector’s Chest Tin: 6x mini boosters, 2x boosters, 3x promo cards, stickers, notepad, mini portfolio

25th Anniversary Pokemon Pin Boxes: 4x mini boosters, 2x boosters, 2x promo cards, 1x pin

25th Anniversary Mini Tins: 2x mini boosters, 1x booster pack, 1x metallic coin"

Source: www.pokebeach.com/2021/05/pokemon-tcgs-25th-anniversary-set-to-feature-unusual-booster-packs

It looks like the set could be like Detective Pikachu. This information also seems to heavily suggest that all the Eeveelutions stuff will be coming in our Evolving Skies set rather than the 25th Anniversary Set.

This is an interesting and unexpected move, what’s everyone’s thoughts and opinions?


If any set’s going to feature a Pichu it’s going to be this one, but I’m not going to get my hopes up.
The figure collection sounds interesting.


In before 4 cards meaning Squirtle, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Pikachu cards.


I am here for more figures to put on my desk.

Also, Pichu and Togepi full arts :sunglasses:

it would be quite annoying if every card had the 25th anniversary logo on it, so I’m hoping this is a good workaround to solve that problem.

The real question is, if 25th anniversary is coming overseas October 8th, what does that mean for JP? we haven’t heard of any sets after rayquaza/duraladon which is in July. I’m thinking late August perhaps?

also, how could evolving skies NOT have eevee heroes? Too much adds up there

  • Last sets from JP are Eevee, Rayquaza
  • Eevee card from Eevee Heroes has rayqauza in it
  • Last few english sets have been mashups of the previous JP sets
  • I mean… the name? It seems super obvious

like there are too many things that point to this being true. While no one can confirm it, I would be absolutely shocked if Eevee Heroes was 25th anni and not in Evolving Skies


eevee heroes has to be in evolving skies…look at the teaser in the set…eevee with a ray ray in the sky ;D

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I would be shocked if a set called “Evolving” Skies didn’t have eevee/its evolutions

It would *be* cool if they would put the 25th Anniversary logo on the back of the card, so it would not cover the artwork on the front.


Mcdonalds cards round 2, this time in packaged form.




Can’t say this is the big celebration set I imagined.


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True, but the stamp promo is gonna be fire

Why would a Japanese card have art teasing the release of English sets? There are plenty of reasons to believe Eeevee heroes will be in Evolving Skies. This is probably the worst.

If Eevee Heroes is mixed with another set to become English’s Evolving Skies, the chance of getting an alternate art Eevee would be lower. But if the box art is nice, I will still get one box for display.

Woah now Mr, take a seat and relax! No need to attack brah :open_mouth: It was a bit of a joke Buddy. Thanks Guy.



They have had more news of a couple new products recently:

  • “25th Anniversary V-Union Premium Pin Box: No details yet.”

  • “25th Anniversary Ultimate Collection Box: No details yet, but will be the most expensive product in the line by far. It will cost over 2.5x the price of an Elite Trainer Box — we expect it to retail for over $100.”

I’m pretty excited about this set :blush: hope we get some gen 1-2 love at the very least, i would welcome more reprints as well.

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Mini packs are probably to counter production constraints. Sounds like it’ll be the first partner packs and the “regular” packs will be SWSH/S&M era