248/SM-P Player's Ceremony

Anyone copping this? I thought it is a pretty neat looking card :grin: Not sure if there will be an english ver. down the road though!



Ill try i think. I really dig the art on this one.

Damn not at that price point haha.

850 on eBay currently

I think it looks great. I’m definitely interested in picking a few up, but I also don’t think now is the time. They’re roughly $300 in Japan, but they will also be given out over the course of the entire season and players will be much more likely to earn them late in the season than early.

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That’s just not what my Japanese sellers told me. They said anyone that reaches 120 points throughout this season will receive one.

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I think I’ll need to try and snag one of these as well. Something niche like this deserves a spot in my collection!


I’d love to pick one up at some point. It may be best to wait and buy later especially since it sounds like more will be awarded.

This is a tough card at the moment… hard to find locally in Japan as well. Prices are a bit all over the place at the moment, and it’s uncertain to how many exact prints they have made. I don’t think they are reprinting it later on, per the Japanese pokemon company website articles.

Cheapest i seen was;

22000 yen - 40000 yen in Japan. i’m hoping prices go down, but it’s hard to say what will happen.

Estimated count was said to be around 700 from some local stores. But me personally… just if you ever take a look at tcg event numbers, having attended a few, 2 weeks ago at the recent tournament there was close to 1500-1800 active players there. So that was just in Tokyo, so i am assuming most of these players are eligible for the points. But not everyone was…