2023 New Year's Resolutions

Do you have a 2023 resolution?

Mine is to take more time off from work.


I’m right there with you. I always hold on to hours of vacation time but I need to you it far more often.


control my pokemon spendings


Same! I need to cut back on something in 2023. Maybe less public videos. :upside_down_face:


Go on a hike at least once a month. Moved out west at the end of the year and have gotten bogged down with work and moving stuff. Need to enjoy the beauty around me.

Also spend way less mental energy on “stuff”. I am hoping to find balance with enjoying collecting but being fine leaving it alone for weeks or months at a time.


Mine is to finally catch my mentor’s killer.


I have some movie suggestions for you:



Lose weight
Become more halal
See friends more


Surviving at Amazon


Just stay the course ive set for myself, im on a good trajectory so basically the same stuff this year!

I would love to go to worlds this year though, that level of planning is worthy of a resolution


Stick to the plan without failing.


What is this plan you speak of? :eyes:

Patreon stonks are going up!!! I will miss the public videos.

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Less weight, more money, more time spent practicing. Get a blinged-out Roland TD50 with double kick drums in the garage so I finally have a good way of practicing round the clock. 2018 was a good practice year for me, 3-16 hours every day. I hope to hit similar figures this year but with more time on a kit that fights me back and less time on the practice pads.


I’m hoping I can start spending more time reading books. I started reading more in the past couple years being stuck at home and I find it much more enjoyable than reading online. In addition, I hope to try and get outside more if I can, and I might even try and get back into music again which I really burned myself out of in 2020. Overall, just less time on the screens in general is what I’m striving for I think.

Because of all the shutdowns, I’ve gained a bit more appreciation for certain things like Church and the community outside of my house. I think it could just be the working from home is starting to hit me more going into a 3rd year, even though it’s been an amazing way to get ahead financially and reduce stress of dealing with the traffic and things. I like working from home, but I also want to put more effort into life outside if I can.

In regard to Pokemon, I’m hoping to get some of the bigger targets off my collecting goals. For the past few months, I’ve mainly been buying stocks and other investments that are beat down, and I hope it will pay off eventually. Basically, I’m continuing my more “marathon” approach to Pokemon for now and into 2023.


In 2023 I want to be the best father I can be, (wife and I have our first child on the way). May have to stop collecting for a while due to tighter budget with the baby, so I want to make trades and have my collecting be self-sustaining via selling. Still have some grail cards I want to obtain before April 2023, so if anyone has them/is down to trade, pls let me know!! Not sure how collecting will be affected after baby is here so want to cross the big cards off my list.

Also, spend less time on my phone looking at IG and EBay. Really need to be present during these early days!


For me it is to eat a more healthy and lift weights to lose weight.


I spent a lot of this year moving myself away from social media like IG and Facebook. Sure I still look at them but I spend significantly less time on these platforms. I plan to keep moving away from social media next year.

I want to play more paintball like I did before my 7 year hiatus.

Work on getting back in touch with old friends.

Spend more time with my kids and family.


Going to start making my first indie game next year, so beyond that I’d like to remove more time sinks. Less social media, less scrolling through ebay and less buying things I don’t really need.

Oh… and I guess lose a few lbs from all the chocolate I just ate. :pensive:


Lose weight and join a gym (currently ongoing, want to push harder),
Stick to my budget,
Travel outside Europe for the first time of my life