2023 Championship Deck - Vance Kelley

The 2023 Worlds Winner - Vance Kelley

I thought it was an interesting style, but it got the job done. He played a Fusion Mew deck which is the current meta with the TCG.

Congrats to the winner, Vance!!
And if you’re curious, this deck is buildable at home for less than $100!

(The deck included cards like Meloetta and Oricorio as well)


I am also a big fan of mew decks (personally play meloetta) and will play this myself until obisidian flames comes out.

I’m curious how the deck will perform against the new charizard deck and people who play counters (e.g. giacomo or spiritomb).

here is his actual list

and azul’s 4th place list

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