2016 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships

Anyone else watching this stuff atm. ?

Gotta say this tournament has been one of the most enjoyable in long time. Denmark almost caused upset of the year for Russia in quarterfinal. Canada vs Finland was good shit as well, couldn’t sit for a second during last 20 minutes. :grin:


Been following a little bit. Stinks that Canada got eliminated so early, but I guess that’s what happens when you play like shit. Hopefully the US will do well, but the European teams are looking very impressive this year too. Will most likely be watching the finals, if they’re on at a reasonable hour lol :blush:

USA and Sweden look really solid. Finland just has to fix their defense game + passing in own area even though offense works like a charm.

Finals start tomorrow ~8 pm local time in Finland, should be reasonable enough to all people in USA/Canada.

Finland took out Sweeden, Guess Canada wasn’t so bad lol.

Hope the USA loses, sorry guys

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Didn’t expect Russia would take USA down in semifinal but so it happened, 2-1. 2 great rematches from preliminary round coming today. :blush:

Oh fudge, my throat is still sore after all screaming and shouting during finals. That was tense but Finland won it 4-3 in overtime. :grin:

Epic tournament overall packed with skilled young players, NHL draft is going to be very interesting this year.

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It is going to be good draft, im happy Fins won it they deserved it and also makes me feel better that Canada lost to the Gold medal team.