2016 Japanese Battle Festa Pikachu - 20th Anniv

Hey everyone! So I’m looking for any info that people have on why this card in particular is reaching the prices it has recently. It was not a difficult card to get, there’s almost 800 pop in PSA 10, yet recently eBay market value is around 2m JPY and Japanese market is pricing it around 2.5-2.9m JPY.

I’ve been scouring the internet but simply can’t find what is causing this boom, which seems to be more pronounced than other non-waifu cards.

Pic of my copy for reference.


I’m wondering what’s driving the demand lol.

This card currently has the #4 largest market cap, right after the base set charizard 1st/shadowless/unlimited.


It’s a great card. 3 Kanto starters and pikachu and a 20th anniversary emblem. I picked one up a couple years ago. It’s one of my favorite cards. Even with pop 800 and the 2-3x increase in price over the last year a ton haven’t come to market, which is a good sign a lot are owned by collectors who truly love the card.


The card is pretty perfect from a collectability standpoint:

  • Has Kanto starters
  • Showcases Pikachu
  • Is a Full Art
  • Is an exclusive promo
  • Anniversary