2003-2007 Zukan Base series' (Bandai/Carddass)

Trying to collect data on the following series’, please add what y’all got!
Base Zukan sets of:
2003 Advanced Generation Volumes 1 & 2
2004 FR LG Volumes 1 & 2
2007 Diamond & Pearl Volumes 1 & 2
2007 Diamond & Pearl Final Volume
and anything in-between that’s similar to base-level carddass.

PS I have documented everything Carddass in the Weeklys, Anime and Stadium sets, and I’m hoping to keep this thread away from anything pre-2003, so try not to confuse the sets here; thanks! Looking for cards released from 2003 to ~2008 that resemble those sets listed, although if there’s an obscure promotion in that time frame outside of Weeklys feel free to add!

I mostly used : Carddass - Pokémon Central Wiki
to find sets, and cross-referenced a couple Japanese sites.
There’s a tab on this doc i’m developing:
BANDAI nonTCG - Google Sheets
But I’m assuming there’s some base zukan grails that I don’t know about and would like to see what the community is rockin’
For example this guy that I picked up was Jirachi x Flygon x Salamence:

and I have an Entei with a handful of Unown zipping around it’s head from a movie promo…
Just wondering if there’s more information and/or cooler cards I’m unaware of!
Thanks in advance, enjoy the carddass doc!


@purevito and @omic this might help yall’s post, sorry I made a new instead of bumping yours, did so to generalize the topic a bit

@JoshsOddCollection your image links broke and I was hoping to see…
and @Julius19 just throwing your @'s here because you asked for info and I’m trying to help answer.

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You’d have to ask @pfm what happened, I know he changed some things so images would be stored on e4 instead of external links.

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Looks like some weird edge case.

It’s been fixed!!


For now it’s saved, once I’ll have some free time I’ll check it for sure!
Thank you :revolving_hearts: