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I’ve been searching high and low for a full list of Bandai Cardass Zukan Cards any and all, I have found a list on this forum but it doesn’t cover the cards I am looking for, A list for this set in particular image below, I’ve also seen more sets, cards with the same set number but different Pokémon the assumption is their are multiple sets, I just can’t seem to find a set list if anyone can help please.

image pulled from the web


Bumping cause I’m interested too in tracking zukans.

This one should either be from set1 or set2 of the 2003 advanced generation era. I really doubt it being from a following set.
Both set are made of 109 cards each.

Problem is these really look alike the FR/LG and DPPt zukans, so tracking the 2003 copyright on the back is the first step. Then I don’t know myself how to split between set1 and set2.

This introduction is all because I don’t have a list yet to give you, I’m sorry.


We’re working on getting all the sets on there :blush: we have the first 3 up so far :pray:t2:
Hope this helps


Very cool resource. Thanks for putting this together and sharing!



This is absolutely amazing thank you for sharing. Getting confirmation my snorlax from set 3 only has the one version makes me sleep that bit better now :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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