2003-2006 Pokemon Play Promo PSA 10 Tracker


Purpose of this thread is to track all 32 cards in PSA 10 for one of the best Japanese promo series out there. All cards will be tracked monthly or more frequently by most recent sold confirmed listings for both public and private sales.

Brief history, the play promos were handed out to players who joined and earned points in the Pokemon Players Club. In my opinion, the series is one of the best in unique artwork, story and player participation. The fact that players earned points that ranged from battling other players to starting their own gyms really encapsulated the spirit of the hobby. You can check out the story at the link below:
[Pokemon Play Promo

*Feel free to PM or comment below with any updates to the prices. I will do my best to update whenever I can given my schedule. Thanks!

2003 Play Promo Season](PLAY Promotional cards (TCG) - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia) 1. Regice ex $209 (8/3) - Ebay
2. Regirock ex $229 (7/28) - PWCC
3. Registeel ex $299 (6/28) - PWCC
4. Plusle 2000 EXP $286.37 (4/18) - Ebay
5. Minun 3000 EXP $288 (4/18) - Ebay
6. Celebi ex 5000 EXP $1,424.99 (7/28) - PWCC
7. Mew ex 7000 EXP $3,700 (7/28) - PWCC
8. Pokemon Card Fan $346 ( 4/17) - Ebay

2004 Play Promo Season9. Moltres ex 2nd Sub $326 (6/28) - PWCC
10. Articuno ex 2nd Sub $301 (7/28) - PWCC
11. Zapdos ex 2nd Sub $270 (7/28) - PWCC
12. __'s Celebi $1,175 (5/29) - PWCC
13. __'s Mew $610 (6/28) - PWCC
14. __'s Jirachi $265 (6/28) - PWCC
15. Cyclone Energy $165.06 (4/27) - PWCC
16. Boost Energy $139.50 (5/29) - PWCC
17. Warp Energy $149.50 (4/27) - PWCC
18. Masterball Battle Rd $755.69 (7/28) - Ebay

2005 Play Promo Season
19. __'s Kyogre $350 (7/28) - PWCC
20. __'s Groudon $549.99 (6/28) - Ebay
21. __'s Rayquaza $551 (7/28) - PWCC
22. Vaporeon 10000 EXP $3,175 (7/28) - PWCC
23. Jolteon 20000 EXP $4,000 (7/28) - PWCC
24. Flareon 30000 EXP $13,000 (May) - Private
25. Espeon 50000 EXP $50,000 - (July) Private (Confirmed)
26. Umbreon 70000 EXP $82,500 (June) Private (Confirmed)
27. Kyogre ex LE $350 (7/28) - PWCC
28. Groudon ex LE $305 (6/28) - PWCC
29. Rayquaza ex LE $681 (7/28) - PWCC

2006 “Play” Promo Season
30. Ho-Oh ex $385 (7/28) - PWCC
31. Lugia ex $1,202 (6/28) - PWCC
32. Jirachi ex $660 (6/28) - PWCC


Hey, small note but the articuno ex 2nd sub was mine on pwcc and it so far has not been paid.


Hey thanks, yeah I will go ahead and mark the recent PWCC auctions as unpaid for now. Thanks!


Jolteon sold for 3.4k on PWCC recently. Hasn’t paid been yet though.

Scrolling through the June PWCC auctions and there seems to be a black label Jolteon. Should be exciting!

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Made some updates for June. Some of the best offer accepted listings I could not find the tax exclusive price for unfortunately… Definitely wish I picked up more during this month but happy with my collection so far. :blush:


Nice, you added my Kyogre buy from PWCC. I feel famous.

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We are Kyogre bros now!

Seems like the 7,000 pt Mew has had a fall from grace, despite still being up massively from a year ago. All time high public sale I believe was $6000 or a little above through PWCC. Last months auction block a couple ended for $4kish. While the pop report hasn’t exploded on this, the high sales price has made a ton of copies constantly available on the market. Some PWCC blocks have had multiple 10 copies available, while the overall 10 pop is floating around 120.

100%. It is such a cool card but fairly common in pop among the other play promos. Regardless, the dip is lowering the tide on most boats and looking at the data play promos are also affected.

This is great resource! I’ve been thinking about Play Promos recently, not in PSA 10 but in lower grades and this gives me very good guidelines.

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There’s an auction listing for an Umbreon 70000 exp on ebay right now. It is not a PSA 10 but a BGS 9.5. It finishes in a few hours from now. We’ll get a better idea of the price of this beautiful card.

Went for 70k!

Yes, 70k quite crazy!
Do you think it would have been even higher if the card was a PSA 10 instead of a BGS 9.5?

Yes, because it was a PSA 9 quality

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One dollar for each point


these have really taken off

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PSA 10 Vaporeon confirmed sale for $3,175.00
PSA 10 Jolteon confirmed sale for $4,000.00

Quite the increase for Vaporeon


Yep, I thought the growth was going to come at some point but that was quick!

I am quite interested in the Espeon Play, so hard to find in a 10 though