1st to 8th November - Nidoking - Aquapolis / Wind of the Sea

Card of the week for week 1st to 8th November

This week’s card of the week goes to Nidoking from Wind of the sea / Aquapolis. I have to say, this to me is the best Crystal, for a pretty underrated 'mon.

Please share your favourite art from this set!

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This is pretty awesomeness AQ art -


Umbreon always has amazing art.

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Always is a strong word.

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I’ve got two artworks that really stand out;


Umbreon is definitely a beauty, same thing with Lugia.

Other ones I really like are regular Nidoking, regular Kingdra and of course Tyranitar shown above.

I still don’t mind it.

I’m a fan of all three aquapolis crystals personally, the tyranitar which @acebren has already posted is my absolute favourite from the set and it is also my favourite tyranitar art :blush:

You know what I realized is we haven’t had many nidoking or nidoqueen ex, ultra rares. I’d really like to see both in the next sets.


To take this further, it’d be great if they got Mega forms in the future; they’d be pretty top picks in my book.

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Should’ve shown the full card or a scan, that picture doesn’t do this badass card any justice.

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I would have if I owned a copy or there was a decent picture available on the web.

You don’t think I thought about that?