1st Edition Base Set Bulbasaur - Tough grade?

So I have 3 of 4 of the Kanto Starters in PSA 10 (Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander) but I’m having a hard time finding Bulbasaur in PSA 10. He seems to be the lowest pop in PSA 10 for 1st Edition Base Set.

What makes him a tough grade? Lack of submissions at PSA? Does it have known issues that make it hard to score 10?

I know that supply/demand is also a factor given he’s a popular Pokemon. But I’m mainly curious what makes him a lower pop if there’s any math or other data to support it.


This has been a question for awhile and the best guess is potential sheet placement. 1st Ed base has a variety of grading. For example, wartortle is notoriously difficult to grade. The deduction is the back of the pack location and it being a popular starter pokemon.

But there are other that are somewhat difficult that don’t have as obvious of an answer. Some people speculate bulbasaur is a combo of popularity and sheet placement.

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People are afraid to submit bulbasaur due to the potential upcharge for it getting a 10 and being worth 30k


Thanks for the info. I didn’t think of the sheet placement but that would make sense. It does seem like in most pack openings I see Squirtle get pulled way more for example, at least out of the dozens I have watched or seen.

The high valuation upcharge at PSA I suppose could deter some people as well!