1998 No 2 Trainer eBay

I just saw this on eBay and laughed at the price but was happy that it is up. I figured we would see a very rare card close to christmas.

Here is the link,


This was the other no 2 that mozz had back when he sold his. He had the 97 and 98, I remember this case he offered it to me for $3k but I was after the 97 only (and lost that one too) :confused:

Yeah the price is waaaaayyy off for that. He better try in the $2500 price range (maybe 3000 if you get excited about the case it comes in). Anyway whats up with that holo pattern? Is that something they did on th 98 ones or is that a reflection on the case?

I hope its the reflection of the case. I am pretty sure its real, but that holo pattern looks real odd, definitely never used for those cards, or any official ones I know of, so hopefully its just the odd reflection.

Yeah I picked up on that right away. Almost looks like a sticker paper pattern. Like you no other card comes to mind with that type of foil. It is prob. just the the angle of the photo. Did the cases they were presented in have the pokeballs as screws either? The TMB and SSB I have seen in their originals do not. Maybe im reading to much into this but if someone is shelling that kind of money out I would want to be 100% sure its authentic.

there is cards like that but in english but I can’t see that selling I would rather buy a car

You mean this card?


If so those are not worth as much as the japanese. There were only three years that the japanese ones were distributed, 1997, 1998 and 1999. 2 copies distributed in 1997, 3 in 1998 and 6 in 1999.

The english ones have had three copies each year since 2004, with a total of 21 copies. The english ones are definitely worth a lot, but the japanese are rarer, and more sought after. Also the english illustrations are based off of the original japanese cards!

What’a wrong with the price?

Seriously though, I wish people were a little sensible about the prices they expect for cards. Yes, at one point the card was worth ridiculous amounts, but that was in the fad era, when the entire TCG was worth hundreds of millions of dollars to WotC/PCL. Those days are long over.

What we have in its place is a much more stable game, lots of decent releases in both Japan and in the US (especially post-WotC, Nintendo have really done wonders with the game), and important to this thread, trophy prices in the low thousands.

As has already been pointed out, this is about ten times too expensive. Someone who puts in an offer for $2,000-$3,000 shouldn’t be turned down…

no card like these

and dogma I complete agree but it is a horrible time to post it because since Christmas no one has any money and I don’t know about you but I don’t send 25k gifts

mabe or just crazy

hahaha that “stupid” way of selling works though :blush: It eliminates most non-serious buyers.

yah but puting it that high is crazy even if it is that strategy

even if it is its way too overpriced for a card that rare.heck the illustrator didnt even sell for that price.but i do wonder what the offers are for this card.the case is nice indeed.

Thinking about it some more, the highballing seems to be the way to go. I heavily discount Brian’s prices, not to ridiculous levels but it always makrs me feel like I’ve made a deal. And who here buys an expensive card at the asking price?

If it’s a case of soliciting offers, a high price is good because noone will buy for the asking price

Yeah I actually talked to the guy and he was real nice but he said he is doing it to get publicity for his page. I thought about doing that with some of my rarer cards, but if I am not selling it I wouldn’t want to mislead anyone :confused:

But I do like how brian puts up his cards. I would have no problem going back to the fad pokemon era where birthday pikas were $500 and the trophy cards went well above $10.000! Ahh nostalgia one of the best emotions, bittersweet :confused:

Cheers Claire. Like with most holos, I’m guessing it doesn’t photograph well, but in person it looks mighty nice

There’s a ‘method’ to the whole ‘way over priced method’ This seller seems to slightly overstep the ‘boundaries’. If it’s up for $24k seller will probably expect a haggle from buyer to be about $2k-$4k and will hope to negotiate a price between $5k-$10k.

Yeah I would strongly suggest to this seller to take pics that make the card look more authentic a PSA grade would be best ;D :stuck_out_tongue:

Wait something about putting up a card with no intention to sell it or just to get people to notice you seems a little wrong. I’m all about self promotion but at least sell the darn thing.

Exactly! I couldn’t list something I really wasn’t selling. I know that Brian and the larger sellers have that tactic of bringing in more customers, but they are actually selling the card.

Although I think the guy (Alvin) said if he would get $4,000 for it he would sell it.

Hmm 4 grand for the card is actually a reasonable price for it since it includes the case. It would be nice to see it sell just to show that there is still a considerable market for these type of cards.

yah none of my friends believe that cards can go for that much