11/12 - ____'s Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza

Given out by the PLAY promotion in Japan, you earned these cards by subscribing to 3 seasons.

I personally love these cards. The poses are amazing and the backrounds are astounding.

What do you think of these cards? What’s your favorite?
Also, what are these cards worth?

@tolan – I have mixed feelings regarding the artwork of these particular cards. I absolutely adore _____'s Groudon (020/PLAY); the composition is terrific and the foreground effect is illustrated perfectly. I love the _____'s Kyogre (019/PLAY) background, and I think the lighting effect is breathtaking, yet I dislike how the pose is drawn. I don’t like _____'s Rayquaza (021/PLAY). I almost never fancy Rayquaza card artwork, except for a select few.

019/PLAY, 020/PLAY, 021/PLAY – _____'s Kyogre, _____'s Groudon, _____'s Rayquaza = $10 - $15 [each]. You can usually find these cards between $12 - $15.

I basically agree with UU’s analysis. ___'s Groudon is the best looking of the three by far, and the card makes Groudon look big and powerful; ___'s Rayquaza is just alright for me because it’s a bit plain and uninteresting; ___'s Kyogre is ruined by the clumsy pose, and I’m not too thrilled by Kyogre’s goofy facial expression either. Unsurprisingly, I also generally prefer Fukuda’s artwork to Arita’s and Arita’s to Kusajima’s.

Yeah, I agree that Groudon > Rayquaza > Kyogre. But the Kyogre’s artwork is so unique that I like it.