10/18/2012 Stadium Challenge Deoxys

One of the lesser known and underrated English promo cards; Stadium Challenge Deoxys. This card is very rare with only around 50 copies existing in total. There was only one Stadium Challenge Tournament held.

The card has the older Nintendo design (crazy how mid 2000’s is now their older design). The stamp is unique to this card only. I like the placement of the stamp on the card, it flows well with the illustration.

What are your thoughts on the card?

I love this card!
Such good memories! I’ve been to the Stadium Challenge back in 2005 in Salzburg, Austria. When we got this card we didn’t how much it’d be worth soon. When people found out this is a Stadium Challenge exclusive stamp prices skyrocketed. First it sold for an avarage of $150-$200. I had several at that time so I was happy. I got the whole trip for free just and even made some extra cash cause I traded for some more. Had I known the card would be worth $400 nowadays, I would have kept them all :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, I never knew this card existed :open_mouth:

Are they really worth $400? Well, it’s gonna be fun trying to get my hands on one those then haha.

Quite honestly, I don’t really like the card. Why? Because I feel like I’ve seen it before… a lot.

You have. It is is a fairly common card (you can pull on from a booster/theme deck). However it is the stamp on it that makes it so rare.

was it only released internationally then.there were so many variants of this card it got hard to keep up with it

Yes, Germany I believe. There was a woman at worlds who was selling one for $450 from Germany or Switzerland.

It is similar to the PreRaichu card and the Kamex 1998 card. Both of their illustrations are common, but the subtle difference is what collectors want.