Zenard's Casual Scrub Cave - Binder Galore and Awesome Cards

Hello there! I’ve been shying away from creating a collection thread for a while now since I’ve started collecting again so recently and all of you have such amazing collections! But I figured that I might as well start somewhere, right?

My collection goals so far is completing my English Rayquaza collection, the Ancient Origins master set, Neo rare collection and a future project will be to start a Gyarados collection!

For now I am focusing on completing the Neo rare collection thus putting my AO master set and the Ray collection on hold for a while.

As off now I am not in an economical situation where grading cards is viable for me but that might change in the future!

Some of my first additions to my Neo collection:

One from each set! Neither being in particularly good condition though. That poor Neo Revelation Ampharos is the only holo remaining from my Neo collection from when I was a kid. :confused:

Another card that is in a pretty rough shape, love it to death though. Def top 5 favorite Neo holo cards!

Those were all pretty shoddy but I got a couple of pretty damn minty cards as well! :grin:

I’m really happy with the condition of those two, especially thinking about how cheap I got them.

And then, maybe my absolute favorite card in all of the 4 Neo sets:

It is a bit poorly centered, the holo is misplaced (as many other Shinings seem to be) and the back is not perfect. But even then I can’t help but to fall in love with this card! The front is so damn minty, love it!


Love the Neo era holos so much, artwork standard was so high.

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Same here, there are so many sweet pokemon and artworks! When I thought about buying some Neo holos a while back I browsed through the sets to see which of them I were interested in… turns out, all of them… lol.

That is an amazing 2nd photo of Tyranitar, it looks like it’s actually shinning.


Nice collection, Love the Neo sets :blush:

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The Neo sets are the best! Nothing comes close (in my nostalgia drenched mind at least)!

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Gotta love all that natural light and a good angle!

Love how the Shinings from Destiny look completely different depending on which angle you look at them.


Nice man, im going to PM you for things on how to protect your cards, and stuff.
Pokemonmaster556 noticed a massive pattern for neo sets and Golden Sky silvery Ocean … Well Golden Silvery Ocean used all the same pokemon as the neo sets lol… I was not of noticing these thingies untill he said so when I was hounding him for the Silvery ocean Espeon.

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I used to have a PSA 9 Shining Tyranitar, what was going through my head when I decided to sell it, I don’t know…beautiful cards all around man!

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Got 2 mails today with Neo cards!

The Bellossom was in horrible condition but got it for free so yeah… Kabutop was a bit roughed up but the other cards were real minty and nice! Got em all for about $25 ^^

Bought a bunch of random cards from a dude selling his old collection aswell, got em REAL cheap!

The cards were all in horrible condition so no additions to my collection (except maybe the Charizard until I find a decent one) here but I’ll definitely make back the money I spent on it! :grin:

Yanma is hiding around 10 more holos!

Got em all for $20!


If they’re atleast near-mint you got them for a steal! All nice cards, cool adds man.

I’d say that Feraligatr, Skarmory, Genesis Jumpluff and Unown A are all mint! Heracross, Azumarill and Revelation Jumpluff are pretty Near mint :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems like you’re off to a pretty nice start! Depending on what your collection goals are though, I’d recommend considering buying cards by set instead of individually if you want to be economical. Sometimes singles may seem like a good deal, but it starts adding up quickly when you have a large list of stuff you want. That being said, buying singles has its own charm as well, the psuedo “sets” that I’ve assembled piece by piece for my collection are some of my favorites.

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I generally like to take my collection one step at a time, and focus on searching for single cards rather than a lot of cards (even though I need a good couple still haha)! But thanks for the advice! I prefer to collect piece for piece. :wink:

Some pictures of the decent cards from the lot! Pretty minty for that price if you ask me!

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Managed to pick this bad boy up for $2 as well, I was REALLY surprised on just how damn flawless it was. Nice.


Won some cheap Swedish auctions for a couple of really minty Neo cards! Can’t help myself with these things, gonna be a low budget christmas this year! :sweat:

Got the Crobat / Metal energy for ~$3, the non holos for $1 each, Tyranitar holo - $5 and Tyranitar 1st ed ~$13!

The metal energy card got some slight scratches over the holo but can barely find anything wrong with the rest! Except the centering on the 1st ed but I’m real happy with them! (the white spots on the back is dust, can literally find nothing wrong with it except the centering, might be a 9 if / when I grade it) :rofl:


Also here’s a Feraligatr I’m working on. :stuck_out_tongue:

Water starters hype!

(Heavily inspired by arvalis on deviant art check him out if you haven’t: arvalis.deviantart.com/gallery/ )


That’s a really sick drawing :open_mouth: Nice work!

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omg thats good!