Youth found!

So I was going through my old stuff and stumbled across my old pokemon cards from years ago. No idea if they are any good. I have separated all the holo ones from the rest and also have a couple of Japanese ones. Am using iphone and can’t seem to attach photo

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Upload the image to imgur, and then share the link here with us?

I can email pic if anyone wants to see them

Please do :blush:


Here’s the link

You have some nice old Base Set cards there. You should see if you can get some Sleeves for them to keep them from being damaged further. If you want an estimate of what they are worth. I think if you put all these in a lot together on eBay you could get between 80-120 US for them. If they aren’t too damaged that is.

Ok thanks… They were all bulked together and are in fairly good condition… I saw a post about charizard and raichu worth some money but don’t know how true that is.
Have tons of energy cards lol

If you are talking Base Set Holo values. It generally goes Charizard > Blastoise/Venusaur > Everything else* > Hitmonchan/Ninetales > Machamp

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also check if that dark dragonite is number 5

First thing I looked at haha :blush: I don’t think it is 22 tho, can’t be positive tho

It appears to be 22/82 if you zoom into the photograph.

Otherwise check to see if there are any Base set cards with 1999-2000 Copyright at the bottom. :blush:

Might be obvious but why?


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I just checked and some of my team rocket cards have the 1999-2000 copyright. Is it with just base set cards that makes them more valuable?

Yes only base set

and fossil

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