Xy evolution Charizard +

I received a evolution box and the factory that makes the cards made this specific box of cards unique to the usual way pokimane cards are made. When you hold the cards under light at a certain angle you can see that the material used to make the cards before they add the laminated art is not a perfect rectangle but 3 separate pieces of paper/ cardboard that are not perfectly aligned with each other which gives 2 rare perfectly aligned internal waves that didn’t affect the finished art that is laminated on the front and back of the cards. There in mint condition with no wrinkles or folded creases in them & I’m wondering due to how they were made which is quite different from the majority does that increase the rarity and worth considering it was made this way?



She has cards now?


I have pokimane cards that have waves under the artwork but didn’t effect the artwork there in mint condition and because they are unique to what the regular way the cards are made does that make them worth more and more rare since I’m sure theres only a handful if that made in the world

Pictures would help, since I don’t think anyone here really understand what you’re talking about…

I guess you mean something like a different cardboard used? Kinda like matte vs semi-glossy card stock differences that some sets have (i.e. some SM Unbroken Bonds non-Holo Commons are glossy).
Or you mean one of the ink layers is misaligned and the others not? Causing a blurry effect like this?


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Personally I’m investing all my DiarrheaCoin into misprinted Ludwig cards


Me after I tried reading this:


Lol not pokimane that’s pretty funny… pokemon its same material they always use but it looks like 3 pieces of material under the artwork which caused 2 parallel lines sorta speak that you can see and feel but the artwork that they laminate on the blank card is undamaged and in mint condition I hope ya’ll understand a little better I’ll try to post a picture in a little while

I’m gonna go ahead and say you bought fake cards

These just sound like print lines, which are a common defect. You’re talking about visible horizontal lines in your holofoil?

You’re describing print lines, I think. Here is a picture from Google.

There is nothing special about print lines. They are just a defect from low quality printing processes.