WTT Rayquaza Gold Star PSA 10

Card has been traded, thank you everyone for your interest
I was planning to sell this card, but since I’m going to be buying cards with the money I earn I figured I might as well see if I can trade here for what I want and avoid eBay fees. Would heavily prefer to trade with a USA based, established member of the community due to the card’s value. I have 50+ positive references 100% feedback on PokeGym (same username), 50+ 100% on eBay, and have traded with multiple users here as well.

Front and back: imgur.com/a/1viop
There is some light border silvering on the front top edge, it came out of the booster pack like this: imgur.com/a/Nz06L. I’m happy to share more pics of corners etc, they are all very nice 10 worthy.

If you would like to trade, I’m interested in an array of these items:

1st Ed. Gym Challenge booster box
1st Ed. Gym Heroes booster box
EX Holon Phantoms booster box
4x Skyridge boosters (each art)
4x Legendary Collection boosters (each art)

PSA 10 cards (heavily prefer the new case style to match with the rest of my collection):
Skyridge Crystal Charizard
Skyridge Crystal Golem
Skyridge Crystal Kabutops
Aquapolis Crystal Kingdra
Aquapolis Crystal Lugia
Aquapolis Crystal Nidoking
1st Ed. Shining Mewtwo
1st Ed. Dark Charizard
1st Ed. Blaine’s Charizard
Charizard Gold Star

PSA 9 cards (can be any case):
1st Ed. Light Dragonite
1st Ed. Dark Tyranitar
1st Ed. Dark Feraligatr
Aquapolis Suicune Holo
Aquapolis Jumpluff Holo

Also interested in PSA 9 1st Ed. base holos and PSA 8 1st Ed. base holos that have nice surfaces but are too off-centered for a 9 grade.



I cannot help you but i will say for a trade of this value i highly recommend using a trusted middleman.

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Good idea thanks!

Hey, I have a few psa 9 1st ed base holos being sold on eBay (blastoise, venusaur, alakazam, mewtwo, raichu, gyarados, chansey, clefairy, nidoking, etc). I also have the shining mewtwo, crystal nidoking you want. Pm me.

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On one hand, Rayquaza is a big card that’s always popular. It is one of the ultimate trade bait cards.
On the other hand, this is a rather tall order of a lot of lesser valued cards together. It may be easier for your sake to just sell it and buy the cards you want with the money.
It’s up to you, but for such a liquid card I would personally sell it and have the cash ready for the other cards I want. Looks like the guy above me might prove me wrong but whatever lol.


Fortunately I’ve gotten a few great replies :blush: I figured numerous collectors here have other high value chase cards like PSA 10 crystal or gold star Zard and that would cover most of the trade, and anyone who happens to have the PSA 9s I need for my sets would just be a great bonus. I definitely considered selling it, but after the recent PWCC auction results I’m kind of hesitant to go with them, and I don’t want to fork over 12.9% to eBay + PayPal vs 8% with PWCC. I know someone recently sold their’s for $7.2k which would be a whopping $922 in fees through eBay.

If you purchase a store for a month ($25), the ebay fee cap becomes $250. Otherwise the fees for an individual listing cap out at $750.


Oh that’s excellent to know, thanks! Never considered a store since I rarely sell

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