WTT My 4 holo bleed Error cards

Korean CP6 Set

Cards are in pristine condition, pulled from packs myself and they went straight into KMC perfect fits then to a binder.

They have the cosmos holo pattern like the Japanese CP6 set, the error bleed is all over the card but way more noticeable on the bottom.
Their backs is like our English ones(check the edges, wish ours were this nice)!

Will ship in toploaders/team bags/bubble mailer with tracking…(can use card savers if you prefer those)

I have 10+ years of 100% positive feedback I can provide.

Looking to trade all 4 for just 1 of the following:

Charizard Evolutions Pre-release.

Charizard regular holo legendary collection

Charizard base Set unlimited

Would like NM condition, dont mind bad centering nor minor whiting/silvering, just would like no scratches on the holo.

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bumpage, open to other trades

Those cards aren’t really worth much. Literally all Korean holos look like that.


dame u have no idea how much i wanted these to be korean unlimited base :slightly_frowning_face:

Wish they were base also!

Still have them


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