WTB/WTT Stadium Challenge Deoxys (Any condition)

I know Scott’s gonna give me shit, but im looking for a Stadium Challenge Deoxys, regardless of condition. Preferably ungraded and lesser condition, to save on funds lol. I have plenty of stuff to trade and can pay equal to value. Let me know if you or anyone you know can help me out! Appreciate it, guys

Should’ve picked up that PSA 9 at Worlds lol

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pmd :blush:

I know lol, but im looking for cheaper, hence ungraded and lower condition. Did he ever sell it?

I might try to buy the 8 on Ebay, but what is a fair price? I am thinking maybe 800 or 900? Thanks

lol I thought it would be in the 2k range if its a solid regrade, but I cant remember any sold prices, honestly

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Oh, wow! I am super off! It is pretty difficult to find the value of items that don’t really come up that much. Maybe I should just stick to Gold Stars…

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