WTB/WTT Spanish and Italian Base 1st Ed cards

Hello everyone,
I’m looking to buy or trade Spanish and Italian Base 1st edition cards to complete these sets.

For the Spanish Base 1st edition cards I only need #8 Machamp and #15 Venusur.
My buy price would be $20 for the Machamp and $50 for the Venusur in pack fresh condition.
My trades are Spanish Base 1st edition cards #1,2,5,6,9,11 or 14.
Just for clarity the Machamp first attack would say “Movimiento Sismico”, and Venusur would say “Rayo Solar”.

For the Italian Base 1st edition cards I only need #9 Mewtwo and #11 Ninetales.
My buy price would be $20 each in pack fresh condition.
My trades are Italian Base 1st edition cards #1,2,3,7,8,15 or 16.
Same thing for clarity, the Mewtwo second attack would say “Barriera” and the Ninetales would say “Fuocobomba”.

I also have some German and French Base 1st edition cards as an option for trading.

I will use PayPal for the payment and shipping costs will be determined with deal.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

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$20 for pack fresh Mint holos, are you out of your damn mind Sir?

Trades seem ok, but $20? lol Might as well offer $5 with shipping included while you’re at it. :blush:

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I was thinking the same thing, but as long as pack fresh = mint 9 quality, these prices aren’t ridiculous for italian

I guess you bring a fair point, I just think that at current box prices of well above $1000 that’s super low. Then again, even English Unlimited 9s bring about $30-40.

OP has some holos up for trade so that’s fair game, but $20 for a Mint 1st Edition Venusaur? I don’t care if that was Mongolian or Alien Language, I’d hope it’s a card that brings at least $80-100. Last listing I can find is for $75 at auction back in October.

@kh36, I hope you finish your sets but I’d like to see some fair offerings when you’re missing only a couple cards it’s not time to start trying to lowball the guys here on efour that love the hobby just as much as you do. :blush:

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I did research ebay before posting my asking prices. The Venusar was the only one I didn’t find a price for but I did offer a equal value card in trade. The other three are a fair asking price. Ive adjusted my asking prices.Shipping would have been determined as we make a deal. Depending on how far away you had to ship from. I’m not spending $50 to ship a $20 card. Thanks for noticing my ad. Let’s make a deal, I gotta catch them all.

It is interesting that sealed Spanish (and I assume also Italian) booster boxes are so much more expensive than most of the unslabbed holos would imply. I thought about breaking boxes, but financially it doesn’t make sense.

Yes hammr7 it is strange how the market is with single card prices. Might be why I’d like to complete these sets now.

“Movimento Sismico” is Machamp’s attack in italian, not spanish.
Pack fresh 1st edition holos go for about 50€ here, so good luck with your prices… Spanish are cheaper tho

Thanks for your interest in helping me with these cards. The Machamp card with the lower case “s” with sismico is Italian. If it has the upper case “S” in Sismico it’s Spanish. It might have been better if I used other words to distinguish the different languages. Sorry if that confused you.
Spanish Machamp on eBay www.ebay.com/itm/112509486212
Italian Machamp on eBay www.ebay.com/itm/173023056808

FWIW: Today I bought all the cards I needed to complete both sets.