WTB: WOTC bulk

Hey all! Looking to buy some WOTC bulk in NEAR-MINT or better condition.

Looking for cards from the following sets:

  • 1st Edition Neo sets
  • 1st Edition Gym sets
  • Base Set Unlimited rares
  • Neo Destiny Unlimited

Looking to pay the following:

1st Edition Commons: $0.50
1st Edition Uncommons: $0.75
1st Edition Rares: negotiable based on the Pokemon
Base Set Unlimited Rares: $0.75 (I understand Dragonair is the high end so that can be negotiated)
Neo Destiny Unlimited Commons: $0.25
Neo Destiny Unlimited Uncommons: $0.50
Neo Destiny Unlimited Rares: negotiable based on the Pokemon

Also looking for some E-Series stuff if you’ve got it.

Send me a PM!

Big thanks to everyone I’ve made deals with over the last few weeks!

While I am still interested in all of the early WOTC sets, I really, really would now like some bulk from Expedition, Aquapolis and Skyridge from anyone who has it.

Commons: $0.50
Uncommons: $0.75

Send me a PM if you have it!