WTB: Vintage booster boxes

Looking to buy English booster boxes 1999-2011 era (Base through Call of Legends). My buy prices for Wizards boxes below. Please DM me at collectingJC on Instagram if you’re open to selling.

Base Set, Blue Wing $11k, Green Wing $11.5K
Jungle $8k 1st Ed / $4k Unlimited
Fossil $8k / $5k
Base Set 2 $6k
Team Rocket $8k / $6k
Gym Heroes $7 / $5k
Gym Challenge $8k / $6.5k
Neo Genesis $15k / $9k
Neo Discovery $14k / $7k
Neo Revelation $15k / $9k
Neo Destiny $17k / $12k
Legendary Collection $20k

All USD as of date of posting, subject to change over time. Based in central Texas, happy to buy from anywhere in the world. Thanks. Will have to meet in person. Thank you. Box condition is not too important. I plan on opening them. Thank you.

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You might want to remove that line about trading. Since it’s not allowed in buy posts.

Thank you.

Hi, are you still actively buying on this pricelist?

Feel free to send me a DM if you are :slight_smile: