WTB: Base Set Booster Box (Eng). Price updated 11.5k


I am looking to buy the following, prices in USD (inclusive of PayPal G&S fees and shipping)

Condition NM or better, no tears in the plastic seal. Ideally a mint box.


Base set unlimited booster box (not green wing): 11.5k USD

P.S. I’m more responsive on IG, handle is in my signature below, same as my username

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Good luck with the search but Neo prices need some updating, 1st ed. Neo Revelation box has recently sold for 15500 GBP / $20000 and 1st ed. Neo Genesis box should reach similar figures or even more due to huge potential of graded holo prices.

I’ve turned down multiple 16-19k Offers for Neo Genesis 1st.

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I have all of those boxes and the base would be only one close to any number I would sell for.
Goodluck finding some stealz.

The rules state not to hijack threads, if you don’t have the boxes for sale and are not interested with the OPs price do not comment.


I would normally agree, but when the OP’s starting price is 55% of the market price for two of the boxes(but in the ballpark for one of the others) I think it’s okay for others to chime in to help make his offers a little more competitive.

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I think the black lotus thread shows that market price is pretty fluid. 3 months ago someone bought a neo gen box for 20k and last month HA auctioned one for 15k. Maybe his prices are low; maybe hes the highest buyer currently. We don’t know but the market will naturally play itself out without others chiming in.

Either way all these post ruin the thread (including my one).


This is not in the rules. Members are free to comment on buy threads with pricing advice, and are in fact encouraged to do so respectfully. All rule enforcement is done by staff, if you feel a post breaks the rules utilize the report post function.


I was commenting on prices in a thread a few months back and was told to stop hijacking threads and that a new rule was implemented.

5.4. Only if a member is interested in purchasing a card in their buy thread may you respond its for sale.

That is in reference to people spamming items that aren’t in the thread. For example, “I want to buy a psa 9 charmander 1st base for $700”, and a person replies, “I have a burning shadows caterpie for $700”.

People can comment on pricing. Hopefully they do it politely.

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Thank you for the clarification

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