WTB: Victini sleeves, other sleeves

If you have some nice sleeves (PTCG, other games etc), then make me an offer. Btw I dont want expensive ones :stuck_out_tongue:

I have 3 sets of espeon umbreon sleeves. $20 per set of 64 shipped within us. shipping more out of us

I have Litwick Japanese Sleeves

Arceus Pre-release

Arcues japanese Sleeve

Celebi PreRelease Sleeve

Lugia Ho-oh japanese Sleeve

Thanks to both, but I dont like none of these. Maybe Umbreon Espeon, but 20 dollars are expensive for me.

Anyone else?

I could go down to 15 per set, but no less then that

How much would it cost to ship to Europe? (Czech Republic)


I have to pass for now. Thanks anyway.